100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To



TLNTD has shown he has a musical sensibility that rivals anyone in Chicago. He has proven that he can both sing and rap with authority, switching between the two effortlessly on most of his tracks.




Starting your hip hop career while playing D1 football is a unique path to take but it’s paid off for Solo Sam. Quality is clearly Sam’s focus as he’s dropped song after song that shows off his impressive rapping ability and hasn’t missed yet.

Rich Jones


Having a memorable voice can be an important aspect of being a musician. Rich Jones has a voice that is distinct and calming, making his music soothing yet full of passion. Jones has worked with a variety of other Chicago artists as well, like L.A. VanGogh and Mykele Deville.



Full of introspective wisdom and an excellent songwriting ability, quality is the name of the game for Kahrion and every song he drops is deliberate and thoughtful. The West Side MC has a strong foundation at this point and continues to progress.



TASHA is an artist who is cut from a similar cloth as musicians such as Noname and Jamila Woods. Her vibe is relaxing yet still touches on important, self-empowering themes that are easy to connect with thanks to TASHA’s soothing voice and mellow production. She also has her hands in other forms of art and has released some dope clothes as well.



Kiraly is one of those artists whose talent is apparent within seconds of hearing him rap. Armed with incredibly smooth flows and well timed melodies, Kiraly’s skill set is second to none among upcoming artists in the city.

Wasted Ju


Fascinating, genre-bending sounds are easily discovered in Wasted Ju’s music. Folksy art-rap with a focus on unique presentation have made Ju become a central figure in the alt-rap scene and he’s worked with some big up and comers artists such as Melo Makes Music.

Brittney Carter

JUICE WRLD (5).png

One of the best pure rappers in the city has to be Brittney Carter. From her flows to her lyrics, it’s hard to match the prowess Carter brings to the mic.

King Von


While he may be locked up currently, King Von was on pace to become Chicago’s next big thing. With millions of hits on SoundCloud to a fanatic following in the city, Von’s future still shows promise despite his current situation.



I first heard of Reeseynem a while before he linked up with Chance The Rapper for Where’s The Hook and he’s been dropping dope music ever since my first listen. He’s seen the attention he receives grow significantly since the Chance collab and we’re hoping that helps put him on the map.




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