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New Featured Chicago Artist: Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

Hip hop is one of the most eclectic genres in the world and at times it can even be hard to define. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya makes things even more difficult to pinpoint with his highly fascinating, essentially genre-less music that ranges from rock inspired tracks to pop-art funkiness that seems to have a mind of its own. Often times the Chicago artist’s music feels like pure ideation put onto wax and his unique sound breathes creativity in a way few bodies of work do. You never know what to expect when Ogbonnaya drops music and that’s a beautiful thing.

New Featured Chicago Artist: ICYTWAT

Check out ICYTWAT, our new featured Chicago artist. You can see his full artist page here.
To put it bluntly, Chicago is packed with talented hip hop artists. While the scene is crowded, ICYTWAT has proven to be a force in the Windy City thanks to his highly interesting, catchy music that is a divergence from the typical hip hop sound. Full of melancholy, extremely confident concepts, ICYTWAT has shown that he makes music he likes and it doesn’t matter if that’s different from what’s trending at the moment. Luckily for him, the aesthetic he has cultivated has resonated with a wide audience and he’s found great success with his craft.

New Featured Chicago Artist: Phor

One of the most diversely talented artists in Chicago, Phor has made a name for himself through his music and his tattoo work on the TV show Black Ink Crew Chicago. Equipped with excellent flows and a creative spirit that is made clear through his Inspector Gadget-esque array of artistic tools, this Chicago MC has shown it’s impossible to pigeonhole him and his art. With a growing fanbase and plenty of industry connections, things are looking bright for this burgeoning creator and his future is as exciting as any Chicagoan’s.