Windy City Sounds: Seer

There are plenty of artists in Chicago making creative, innovative music but Seer is proving to be one of the city’s most imaginative musicians. His genre-less style incorporates a blend of oldies, pop, hip hop and really any sound that catches his ear, all coming together in a cohesive, ear catching way that highlights Seer’s ability to craft excellent music. While he just dropped his debut tape Secret 2 My Strut only a short time ago, Seer has been making waves for a while now producing for Decent Gang, one of Chicago’s most talented up and coming collectives, showing that the rest of the city is paying attention as well. We got to ask him about his recent tape, his work with Decent Gang and where his distinctive style comes from. Read more below.

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Windy City Sounds: Travis Hendriiix

Travis Hendriiix, formerly known as TKCS, is on a path of reinvention and innovation. As he looks to re-brand himself, Hendriiix has been making deliberate and thought out moves while also releasing some pretty solid music. Even though he only has two songs under his belt, it’s clear he has a vision for his sound and style. We got the chance to ask him some questions about this new look, what to expect in the future, and some of his inspirations (they’re probably not who you think). Read our latest Windy City Sounds interview below and get in tune with Travis Hendriiix. … More Windy City Sounds: Travis Hendriiix

Windy City Sounds: Jofred

There are plenty of artists in Chicago but not many put in the same amount thought or time as Jofred. Part of the PVTSTCK crew, Jofred has been dialing in his craft for years and is also part of the Grammy nominated group Chinza Fly where he first staked his claim as the world’s best Asian rapper. The talented MC has been working on a solo project, TULPA, for a little bit now and has cultivated a focused and captivating aesthetic to go along with his unique music. After hearing singles such as Yellow Boy and Ring Ring, it was hard not to be excited about Jofred’s future. We got the chance to ask him a few questions and he really gave some great answers that touch on Asian culture, his vision for his music and some of his biggest influences. … More Windy City Sounds: Jofred

Windy City Sounds: Tron Skee

Every artist has to start somewhere and Tron Skee has found solid ground to jump start his musical career. The talented MC takes inspiration from a variety of places and puts them all into his cooled out, catchy music. It’s clear Tron Skee is focused on his progression and making a name for himself with his music and we’re looking forward to hearing what this young musician brings to the table in 2017. Learn more about his influences, beginnings, and future below. … More Windy City Sounds: Tron Skee

Windy City Sounds: Marcus Nogood

Marcus Nogood had himself a busy 2016, dropping Trouble and Dream Beyond Fame, two full albums that helped put Nogood on the map. As 2017 gets kicked off, it’s clear Nogood is looking to continue his momentum and make this year even bigger than last. We got the opportunity to ask him a little more about what to expect this year as well as about his work in 2016. Check out what he had to say below. … More Windy City Sounds: Marcus Nogood