100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

Ro Marsalis

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Consistency is an important aspect of being an artist these days and Ro Marsalis is one of the most consistent in the city. If it’s not high quality, Marsalis doesn’t drop it and his entire discography is filled with excellent songs.

Bianca Shaw


Being signed to any record label is a feat to celebrate, but Bianca Shaw signed to Taylor Bennett’s new label as the premier artist. Her uptempo sound and beautiful vocals are looking like they will make her a big name both in and outside of Chicago.

Austen Nobles


Austen Nobles has quickly become a staple in Chicago thanks to his high energy production and high quality music. With catchy harmonies and a robust style, Nobles is sure to be a big figure in the city.



Phor’s talents span beyond music and he may be best known for his time on Chicago Black Ink where he showed his tattooing skill. That isn’t to say his music isn’t dope too and he has a classic hip hop sound that is easy to vibe with.

Chris Crack


One of the most prominent figures in Chicago’s underground, Chris Crack has been putting in work for years. Often employing sampled loops, his music is very dope and has no superfluous sounds to distract from the message being spit.

Tatiana Hazel


Tatiana Hazel has the potential to be one of music’s biggest artists. Her sound is highly catchy and she pairs that catchiness with impressive songwriting and mesmorizing vocals that will keep listeners coming back time and time again.

Cosha TG


Big things look like they are on the horizon for Cosha TG. Solid vocal ability and a knack for finding dope beats have been part of the reason for Cosha’s recent ascent and we expect him to continue his growth going forward.

Meechie Greedy


If you’re looking for some straight up dope music, Meechie Greedy has got you covered. The Chicago rapper knows how to make catchy, high quality music that is easy to vibe to at any time.


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Introspection and honesty are front and center when it comes to Ausar’s music. These traits go hand in hand with his accomplished songwriting and his ability to put ideas into succinct, easy to appreciate songs.



After being named a 2015 XXL Freshman, Tink looked poised to take off. She recently put out a solid new mixtape (Voicemails) and continues to put out high quality music.




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