Mani Jurdan Celebrates Birthday With Malcolm X Tribute

Mani Jurdan Celebrates Birthday With Malcolm X Tribute


Mani Jurdan of Huey Gang celebrated his idol Malcolm X’s birthday on Instagram live last night with an hour-long set featuring unreleased tracks along with his back catalogue of hits. We caught up with Mani after the show where he explained why Malcolm is so important to him.

Malcolm X is one of the most influential revolutionary leaders in history. He’s an idol of mine based off his experiences I learned about detailed in his autobiography. He’s a real reflection, a direct mirror of triumph in the face of adversity. He went from losing his father and mother in his childhood and being broken apart from his siblings. Then to roam the streets indulging in crime and ending up in prison. To be set free once again redeeming and transforming himself into a courageous freedom fighter. Piercing the souls of beings infinitely with words of wisdom.

His flesh maybe absent but his spirit is omnipresent.

If you weren’t able to celebrate with Mani live you can check out the performance HERE.


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