100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

Sterling Hayes


Save Money member Sterling Hayes has been putting out thoughtful, often complex music for quite some time now. Personal lyrics and interesting production choices stand out in Hayes’ sound.



Uniquely catchy music is easy to find when listening to Sunde. The Chicago artist vibrates talent and her music is some of the most immediately distinct and radiant to come out of the Windy City.

Roy Banks


Roy Banks might be a newer artist to the scene, but that doesn’t mean the talent isn’t there. With tracks like Hate On Me, it’s obvious Banks has what it takes to become recognized in the city and I look forward to seeing his growth in the coming years.

Mani Jurdan


Mani Jurdan has shown a conscious edge on many of his tracks yet still manages to pack a punch with his flow and production. The HUEY Gang member has been dropping lyrical content for a while now and he’s really stepped his game up recently.

Jarrett Rad

JUICE WRLD (6).png

Jarrett Rad has been putting in some serious work over the past few years and it seems like he’s found his sound. Self described as a “pop-punk/rap” sound, Rad has honed in on his melodies and is elevating his music to a new level.



Memo600 is another artist who has become a prominent rapper in Chicago in a relatively short time. His hard hitting style and raw, real lyrics make some pretty dope music and it looks like Memo will be one of the next big things from the city.


JUICE WRLD (14).png

Originally hailing from Africa, Samkul has since found a home on the Chicago music scene. His vibe worthy music and on point aesthetic look like they’ll make him and even more well known name in the city.

Dfree Da Vinci

JUICE WRLD (7).png

Chicago’s South Side is full of talented artists and Dfree Da Vinci is another to add to the list. Precise flow and consistently dope music make Da Vinci a rapper worth keeping up with as he progresses his sound.


JUICE WRLD (8).png

Coming from a musical lifestyle, growing up playing drums and keyboard, Wemmymo has an ear for good music. His influences are wide ranging and help create robust, vibrant songs that keep listeners coming back for more.

Michael Anthony


With connections in both St. Louis and Chicago, Michael Anthony of THEMpeople has two cities paying attention to him. Slow, poetic, often spoken word-esque music is what Anthony is all about and he provides some interesting sounds along the way.




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