100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

El Hitta

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Hard rhymes and an off-kilter style help define El Hitta’s sound. While he may have come up recently, his music seems influenced by the likes of DMX as he provides that rough and raw style.

Stefan Ponce


While he may be a producer, Stefan Ponce has put out some of the best music from Chicago over the past few years. Working with the likes of Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino have put Ponce on the map and he keeps showing he has more to offer with each drop.



Less hip hop and more singer-songwriter, Appleby creates relaxing soundscapes that feel like a summer breeze. His soothing cadence matched with ambient instrumentals make his music perfect for lounging in a hammock or other calming activities.

Christian JaLon


From JaLon’s poetic delivery to the jazzy, incredibly well balanced production she often finds herself on, it’s clear she knows how to make timeless music. There are no trends being followed here, no gimmicks, no fluff, just great music that won’t sound outdated even 10 years from now.

Musa Reems


If anyone knows how to spit it’s Musa Reems. The burgeoning talent knows how to hit some very solid flows and brings dope lyrics to support his timely cadence. His consistency is also something that has helped set him apart.



Highly engrained in the local Chicago scene, KAINA has been making connections and putting out solid music for a while. These Days News called her a “true student of the scene” and her depth of knowledge and activity has made her one of Chicago’s rising stars.

Xone White

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Anytime someone works with Squeak Pivot, you know they have something worth listening to. Xone White has worked with Squeak as well as a variety of other notable artists and has been a force on every track. With smooth, crisp R&B sounds, it’s hard not to vibe with Xone White.



With sounds ranging from jazz to world music to pop, Akenya has the musical chops to have a long, impactful career. Her work with Noname has taken her across the globe and given her invaluable experiences that are escalating her status even further.

Ace Da Vinci


Born into a musical family, Ace Da Vinci shows musical talent and passion for his craft. An introvert at heart, Da Vinci puts all of his emotions into his art and considers his music “an audio journal.”



S7EAZE is all about the energy. With consistently brooding production and an aggressive style behind the mic, this Chicago MC has been gaining attention because of his bombastic style.




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