Windy City Sounds: KD Young Cocky

Windy City Sounds: KD Young Cocky

Windy City Sounds

KD Young Cocky:

Using experience to stay one step ahead


Coming up in the rap game isn’t an easy task, but KD Young Cocky has managed to use his skill and ambition to gain the necessary experience. After working for Def Jam and getting insight into the industry, KD is ready to make an impact with his music and hopes to be an inspiration to other aspiring artists. The Englewood native is showing what he can do by making fun, catchy music and has made the most from the opportunities he’s been given. See what he has to say about his sound and lifestyle below.


You recently dropped a project, the Take A Hit EP. What was it like recording that? What’s your favorite song off the project?
My Favorite song off the project is  Lifestyle Featuring Yfn Lucci. I love the vibe of it and Lucci is one of my favorite artists so it was exciting putting that record together. Recording the whole project was exciting I had a lot of fun with it and made music for myself, kept it genuine so others could relate .

How did growing up in Englewood affect your music?
Growing up in Englewood put pain and passion into my music, it made it easier to write once I learned that this was God’s plan for me. I started to tell my story more, along with telling what’s currently going on in the world.
What do you hope to bring to the table as an artist? What do you want people to take away from your music?
I want people to be free to there own creativity. Meaning “just be yourself’  do not worry about what nobody thinks about you. Voice your opinion, wear what you want to wear, travel. I was raised in Englewood and I never thought I would see half the things I saw and it’s people that respect me just because I left the hood and went other places. When you listen to my music I want you to get the things you always wanted and go the places you always wanted go, I promise when you listen you will realize that we are all humans just chasing our dreams.
How did you first get into making music?
I started making music with my friend Rob but I took it more serious in high school. Starkesia Reed had got shot before school and i made a song for her, they played it on the intercom and people where telling me to keep writing. My uncle was helping me get in the studio and it took off from there.

You’ve worked with Def Jam and a few other major labels. What were those experiences like? How did they help you become the artist you are today?
Working with Labels is a bit much. Me and No I.D had connected a few years back. I was a fan of his work and was blessed with a chance to meet him.  I had a record called Smh at the time, (he stated it was his favorite). It helped because it was always a learning experience. Whenever you’re around great positive people you should want to soak up their energy and knowledge to make yourself wiser. I worked with a few artist on hooks and that was that for the most part. I use everything I saw and heard there today so not only am I an artist, now I’m a businessman as well.

Anything else you want to add?
I want to thank you for reaching out i appreciate it. On iTunes I have my single Lifestyle feat Yfn Lucci check it out for me.

A big thanks to KD Young Cocky for talking with us about his music and experiences. Be sure to follow him on Twitter (@KD_YOUNGCOCKY) and Instagram (@KDYOUNGCOCKY)


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