50 Best New Chicago Rappers/Artists

50 Best New Chicago Rappers/Artists


50 Best New Chicago Rappers/Artists

UPDATE: We also have a new list of 100 Chicago Artists Worth Checking Out right here.

Chicago is full of talented artists pumping out some of the world’s best music on a daily basis. The music scene is one of the best in the country and its impact has been clear with the rise of artists such as Chance the Rapper, Chief Keef, Mick Jenkins, Famous Dex, Vic Mensa and many others. While these artists have shown what Chicago is capable of, they are only the tip of the iceberg of excellence Chicago holds. The city has literally hundreds of artists making quality music daily and the next wave out of Chicago is sure to solidify the Windy City as a hub for new hip hop talent. With the amount of great music to be found, it was hard to boil down this list to only 50 names and there’s many more artists also deserving of attention, but I had to stop somewhere. There will also be another list featuring some of the best groups/duos in the future.

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This list is in no particular order.



Part of the Pivot Gang team, Saba has been making some of the city’s best music over the past few years. His introspective style and personal lyrics help provide a clearer picture of Chicago and projects such as Bucket List have solidified Saba as a staple on the scene.


Ravyn Lenae is one of those artists that only needs a few notes to make listeners fall in love. Her unique voice and excellent production choices make for some of the most ear catching music being released today and her affinity for musical growth is sure to bring even more incredible music.




When it comes to pure rapping ability, Joey Purp is one of the best in the game. His unique fusion of fun and conscious has helped him cultivate a fanbase that is aware but not preachy and knows how to have a good time. Part of the Save Money team, Purp has shows he can rap with the best of them and often times come out on top.



Developing a loyal following can be difficult but Supa Bwe is near cult status these days. His years of hard work are paying off in big ways and his live shows are can’t miss events full of energy. It’s almost impossible to mention Chicago hip hop without Supa’s name being thrown into the mix.



While he’s switched up his style throughout the years, Lucki is always one of the most consistent artists in the game. Every project he drops is sure to be some heat and he’s proven his sound can reach a broad audience. He also doesn’t get enough credit for being a catalyst for this new wave of rappers who have taken some serious influence from Lucki.



If you’re looking for some easy listening, Dally Auston is the artist for you. His laid back style combined with introspective content makes for some relaxing, thought provoking music that is steady and consistent. Auston’s focus on quality is second to none and every track he’s dropped has been up to par. Auston is also a part of the Save Money team.



UG Vavy may be a relatively new name to some people, but he’s definitely one of Chicago’s brightest up and coming artists. His versatile talents include rapping, producing, and singing hooks which all come together like different colors in a painting to create one cohesive piece of art. Uptempo beats, catchy hooks, and witty lyrics are all setting Vavy apart from the crowd.



Chicago has many people who know how to sing but Via Rosa has been taking things to the next level. Her ambient style sounds like rain pattering against a windshield on a dreary yet comfortable day and her voice is as soothing as it gets. She often works with THEMpeople and is also part of the group DRAMA.



Sometimes it feels like positivity is churning through Taylor Bennett’s veins. His upbeat music has been making waves in Chicago, culminating in sold out shows and lively performances. That’s not to say he’s a one dimensional artist. He also gets introspective and personal at times with tracks such as Feel (Remix).



Chicago always puts out some hyped up, bumping music, but WARHOL.SS finds himself in a rare class with the consistent quality he drops. The young MC has developed his own sound and has managed to set himself apart from the pack with big hits including tracks with UnoTheActivist and Trippie Redd. If you’re looking for something to turn up to, WARHOL.SS is about as good as it gets.


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