100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

Mikey Dinero

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Even though he only has a few tracks currently out, it’s clear Mikey Dinero has some serious skill as an MC. His work with other newcomers such as Young Jasper also shows that he has the necessary connections to make big waves.



The leader of iLLANOiZE, Bekoe’s presence in Chicago is undeniable and he’s been leaving his mark through his music and knowledge of the city’s scene for years. Paying attention to Bekoe is a good way to stay in tune with a lot of talent in the city.

Marcus Nogood


When it comes to Chicago artists who have shown some nice progression over the past few years, Marcus Nogood is a name that should be mentioned. Consistent output and collaboration with other Chicago musicians have put Nogood on the map and we expect his reputation to continue to grow.

Marky McFly


Perseverance and regular output make it easy to be a fan of Marky McFly. His work with producers such as Chicago legend C-Sick make it clear that other important people in the city feel the same way.



Sy! has been putting in work lately, dropping a handful of dope videos and songs. His diverse sound, ranging from personal, introspective tracks to fun bangers, has helped the Chicago artist get his name to a wider audience and we are looking forward to more from him.



Chicago has a lot of dope hip hop and Da$htone has been putting out some jazzy, melodic vibes that are worth checking out. Their track, Frozen, featuring L.A. VanGogh and Manasseh, is a relaxing, soulful track with some great introspection.

Cory Rhymal


Time and effort often pay off and Cory Rhymal has been putting in both for a while. From collaborating with some of the city’s best such as Qari and Jean Deaux to working with producers like Luke Almighty and CEO Beatz, Rhymal knows who to call to make something dope.

Monica Rose


Dreamy music is always interesting to listen to and Monica Rose brings listeners on a journey through fantasyland with her music. While she only has one project out now, it is quite impressive.

Jah Shanti

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Jah Shanti is further proof as to how eclectic the Chicago music scene is. Less hip hop and more afrobeats, Shanti’s music provides relaxing, often uplifting sounds that are unique from most other artists in the city.

Stan Sono


Stan Sono has all the makings of a future superstar. From a pop-appealing sound to some already very popular songs, Sono is looking like he willhave a long and prosperous musical career.




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