100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

Matt Muse


Part of Young Chicago Authors, an amazing organization focused on teaching writing and poetry, Matt Muse has brought his influence beyond just releasing music. That being said, the music he does drop is always high quality and highlights Muse’s self love and confidence.



Fun music is, well, fun to listen to and ShowYouSuck makes very fun music. With a focus on positivity and recognition from large platforms such as Red Bull and Complex, this engaging, charismatic Chicago artist has nowhere to go but up.

SoLo The Dweeb


Multiple dope projects have made Solo The Dweeb one of the artists to lookout for in the next few years in Chicago. His highly energetic style and full bodied production are just two of the things Solo has going for him as he continues his ascent.



ValSouth’s music is full of melodic vocals and hard hitting beats, the Chicago MC knows how to make catchy music that is easy to hit repeat on. With multiple projects and a slew of dope loosies, ValSouth has become a staple in Chicago’s underground.


JUICE WRLD (16).png

Chicago’s underground wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Adot. His often nonchalant, grumbling type flow gives him a distinct sound and has allowed him to work with many of the city’s best artists.



The African influence in Chicago music is clear if you know where to look. Calid B makes his inspiration clear and it allows him to put out some truly great music. His music is constantly filled with passion and a look at the bigger picture.



A somewhat mysterious artist, BJRNCK has linked up with big artists such as Chance The Rapper and has dropped some great music of her own. While it’s been a while since she released anything, it looks like she’s back with a new single titled Good On My Own. part of At The Studio Records, I’m sure you’ll be hearing her name more and more very soon.


JUICE WRLD (17).png

From sharing the stage with big names such as Vic Mensa, Waka Flocka, and Tory Lanez to dropping smooth music, KoVu is a rock solid artist. His sold out shows and lively performances are also making him more well known in the city.

Will Is Chillin


Another Stank Face Records signee, Will Is Chillin’ has been putting out lyrical content for a handful of years now and continues to grow his underground following in Chicago. His honest lyrics and skill on the mic have helped him attain a solid fanbase.



There aren’t too many artists like Ethos out there these days. While many artists focus on making catchy tunes, Ethos uses his artistry in a powerful way with a style that reminds me of Gil Scott Heron, employing poetic and pointed lyrics that convey strong messages.




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