100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

100 Chicago Rappers & Artists Worth Listening To

Wil Akogu


A divergence from the typical Chicago sound, Wil Akogu blends poetry, hip hop, and soul to create vibrant musical landscapes that are vivid and electrifying. Akogu has found a lane for himself and I’m looking forward to seeing where his unique sound takes him.

Marko Stat$


Every once in a while I’ll hear just one song from an artist and know I’ll be listening to them for quite some time. Marko Stat$ had that effect on me when I first heard his track Jubilation and from that moment on I’ve been following his music.

Josi Green

JUICE WRLD (11).png

Josi Green made a name for himself in Chicago and is still influential on the scene, but has since moved to Houston. He sees himself as an artist that cannot be pigeonholed and can make lyrical, conscious music or pop-inspired tracks.

Chai Tulani


Chai Tulani self coined his musical style as “soul hop” and it is a fitting moniker for the diverse sound he produces. Influenced by singer-songwriters such as Bob Marley and Tracy Chapman, Tulani has created thoughtful, high quality music that will keep him around the game for a long time.

Frank Leone


Songster Frank Leone has found a lane with his soothing, often melancholic music that is heartfelt and personal. Every song he drops seems to be a gem and it looks like he has some dope music in store for the rest of 2019.

Luke Titus


After dropping Aside Of Love it became clear Luke Titus was a musical force set to make a name for himself in Chicago. His unique vocals combined with thoughtful compositions help him stand out among the crowded scene and he’s also caught the ear of some of my favorite artists such as Ravyn Lenae and theMIND.

Brian Fresco


Brian Fresco first got recognition a few years back thanks to his dope music and Save Money affiliation. The Chicago MC has grown with the scene over the past few years and it’s been impressive to see how far he’s come.

Roy French

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Presentation is an important aspect of building an aesthetic and Roy French adds a psychedelic flair to things that always keep them fresh. Minimalist, idea fueled music is French’s specialty and it often sounds like he puts his ideas straight onto wax with no filter.

Mykele Deville


He may be a talented musician but Mykele Deville is much more than that. The poet, actor, author, and teacher wears many hats and does so with style. His work has appeared on major platforms such as NPR and the Chicago Tribune and he is set to become one of Chicago’s most respected artists.


JUICE WRLD (13).png

The current wave of Chicago artists/rappers is immense and people like QVRS are what make it so dynamic. Touching on topics outside of the norm, QVRS puts passion into his music and it makes for some catchy, well produced songs.




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