Windy City Sounds: Young Wolf

Windy City Sounds: Young Wolf

Young Wolf: Making Music for the Love of It 


There are some artists who make music for the clout and then there are some that make music for the love of it. Young Wolf is the latter and his love for making music shows with every song he drops. Wolf has been making his presence felt on the Chicago scene with consistently high quality music and he has developed strong chemistry with producer Von Vuai who often makes the beats for Wolf’s tracks. As he gears up to release his project 3:33, we got to ask him a few questions about how he got into the rap game, how he got the name Young Wolf and when to expect new music.

How did you first get into making music?

I was 11 when I wrote my first rap. At that age I was just writing raps because I loved hip-hop and began to study the game. I started recording music my sophomore year of high school with my older brother Snow and his friends (3ABM). We recorded all our stuff in the basement over original beats and started putting out projects as a group. That’s really where it all started.

You and Von Vuai have been linking up for some dope music and clearly there’s a lot of chemistry there. How’d you two first meet?

This is actually funny. Von & I met in high school because I used to serve him. We never even had real conversations. He would just pull up and I’d sell him tree. At my orientation at Columbia College Chicago I ran into him and we bonded just because we already somewhat knew each other. Soon after that he told me he wanted to collab on some music and sent me the “Loop Music” beat. Once I heard that beat I wrote to it, shot the video and we never stopped. That’s my brother; it’s easy for us to make dope music.

At this point you’ve released a handful of solid singles. Can we expect a project anytime soon?

Yes, 3:33 should have been out by now. The tape keeps getting longer and I keep pushing it back because I’ve been writing new music constantly. The singles give everyone a good idea of what I’m up to. I’m going to set a date and put it out by October because if I don’t it will never come out.

What’s your favorite song you’ve ever recorded? Why is it your favorite?

Shit, good question. I think I’d have to go with “For Real”. It isn’t my best song, but it’s my favorite because it’s so real and relatable. It also shows that I can make a variety of music. “For Real” gets the point across that I am not only a rapper, but also an artist. This is my most recent release and it’s a good feeling to hear how my sound has evolved over the years.

How’d you get the name Young Wolf?

The name came from my big brother Reece. I was walking in the hallway and he called me Young Wolf randomly in high school. At that point I went by Lil G. Right when he called me “Young Wolf” I was like fuck that Lil G shit, this is my new name.

Anything else you want to add?

3:33 is coming soon. I had the name before Jay-Z. I got features on there from Xavier & The Thrill, Snow, Iman Shumpert etc. I want everyone to be on the lookout because this new music is crazy!

Be on the lookout for 3:33 dropping soon! Big thanks to Young Wolf for taking the time to do this interview & to you for reading it. Give him a follow on Twitter here and check out some more of his music here.

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