Windy City Sounds: Tron Skee

Windy City Sounds: Tron Skee

This New Artist Has Big Goals

IMG_0745Every artist has to start somewhere and Tron Skee has found solid ground to jump start his musical career. The talented MC takes inspiration from a variety of places and puts them all into his cooled out, catchy music. It’s clear Tron Skee is focused on his progression and making a name for himself with his music and we’re looking forward to hearing what this young musician brings to the table in 2017. Learn more about his influences, beginnings, and future below.

You’re relatively new to the scene. How would you describe your sound to people?
Damn that’s a hard one haha … Well to start off, I think I’m just a mixture of all my influences. I feel that depending on the song or the beat my style can fluctuate on a song. But I would mostly definitely describe my music as a mixture of a melodic chill rap with a lot of “LowKey bars”. What a low key bar is; in my definition, lyrics that don’t seem to say much but then when broken up and analyzed they tell a bigger story. I feel that since I’m so new to the scene my style will definitely develop and over time as my perspective of the world changes so will my style and the things that inspire my music.

How did you first get into making music?
Well since I was a kid I found a love in music. I remember listening to When I’m Gone by Eminem and at that moment I knew I wanted to be a rapper. I felt the emotion behind lyrics. I felt that I could make a connection with the rappers. It’s like when you know someone without even meeting them. In the 8th grade or in the 7th, I can’t quite remember, but point is I had to do a project. The project was about us creating a fictional news cast of a World War II battle for history class. We had to do research on the battle of Stalingrad and at the end of the project I wrote a little rap about it and ended up getting extra credit.

In high school I joined a school club that engaged me with other rappers and mentors. They taught me the value of lyricism and opened me up to the power of consciousness. I guess the mixture of a lot of spare time and minimal friends gave me the opportunity to have a lot of time to practice my craft. I saw my circumstances; young brown boy, working class family, growing up in the south side of Chicago. From then on I knew my future was gonna end up either really good or really bad. I read up on the story of rappers seeing niggas going from being homeless to owning mansions which kept me optimistic. I know that if I put enough work in I can achieve that too some day. Maybe I just tell myself that to keep myself motivated  or maybe it’s all the people that motivate me finally rubbing off on me. I figure that every rapper was once the boy in the mirror holding the invisible microphone, so fuck it why not?

I Hate That Shit, your most recent single, has proven to be a hit. Are you working on a full project for the fans? If so what is that looking like and when should we expect it?
I’ve gotten the notion to start my 1st project but I want something solid. I want to drop a tape that’s gonna be held in high regards. I wanna write a conceptual tape. I want to lock myself in a room for a week straight with an ounce of weed and come back out with 18 years of life experiences on paper. 

Who are some of your influences? Who else on the Chicago scene should people be paying attention to?
I listen to a variety of MCs anything as lyrical as  J Cole, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Isaiah Rashad to anything trending like Migos, Drake, or Kodak Black. In my own personal experience as a rapper I learned that you learn to respect all aspects of music and you learn to give credit to the ability of artists who heavily market their music. And as far as who you should look out for is my guy Ronnie T-Jabz he is featured on “I Hate That Shit”. New music coming from him soon. 

Tron Skee is an interesting name. How’d you come up with it?
Well Tron derives from the term neutron which means neutral. In Chicago the term applies to people who aren’t gang related. I used to hang out with a bunch of niggas that turned out into a crew. I never turned out therefore I adopted the name Tron.

Anything else you want to add?
I wanna just give a shout out to Chicago and all the people who listen and support my music.
And shout out SKEE gang! 


Things are looking up for Tron Skee as he builds a reputation for himself on Chicago’s south side. Hit him with a follow on Twitter and be on the look out for some big moves from Tron in 2017.

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