Windy City Sounds: MANWOLVES

Windy City Sounds: MANWOLVES

Windy City Sounds


The vibrant collective brings fresh flavor to Chicago hip hop

Photo by Colin B Photography

Live instrumentation in hip-hop may be scarce but when it’s done right it adds a robust layer to the music that is impossible to miss. MANWOLVES is a band that has been putting out very solid music for a while now and their live performances are must see events. With a feeling similar to BADBADNOTGOOD and Kids These Days, MANWOLVES is looking to expand the live band hip-hop sound. Their chemistry is clear and the jazz infused hip-hop they produce is some of the most unique music coming out of Chicago today. Learn some more about this up and coming band below.

You all seem to have a lot of chemistry together. How did MANWOLVES form? What helps with that chemistry?
Our chemistry definitely stems from our friendship. The majority of us grew up going to the same elementary and middle schools. We have known each other and have been friends with each other way longer than Manwolves has existed.
You have a unique, robust sound that is immediately ear catching. How did you get to this sound? Who are some of your influences?
The sound that we have come to has developed very organically over the years we have been playing together. We never have conversations about how we want to sound, we more or less take our music in the direction we are feeling at the time. As far as Influences go, it’s a mixed bag. Every member of the group has some crossover, but for the most part, everyone listens and plays different stuff. Right now, as a group, the band is listening to Anderson .Paak.


You just released Sing Along  with Ric Wilson and KAINA and a short EP a little bit ago. Are you working on a full project? If so when should we expect that/ what is that looking like?
Right now we’re recording a bunch of great music and can’t wait to get it out to people.


What is it like recording with the whole band? How do you all set a focused, creative direction with so many members?
Just like writing, recording is a very organic process. Everyone has an open mind and is willing to experiment with new ideas and sounds.
Who are some more artists in Chicago you’re hoping to work with?
We’d love to work with so many artists in the city. We’d love to link with Smino (he’s around Chicago enough), Noname, Famous Dex, Thaddeus Tukes, Morimoto. This list could go on forever. There are so many artists in the city who we’d love to work with.

We hope you got to know a little more about this dope band and the direction they’re taking. They’re sure to continue making moves around the city as they grow their audience. Follow them on Twitter here and keep your ears open for their new music in the future. Thanks for reading!

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