Windy City Sounds: Marcus Nogood

Windy City Sounds: Marcus Nogood

Windy City Sounds

Marcus Nogood:

The talented MC is focused on investing in his future


Marcus Nogood had himself a busy 2016, dropping Trouble and Dream Beyond Fame, two full albums that helped put Nogood on the map. As 2017 gets kicked off, it’s clear Nogood is looking to continue his momentum and make this year even bigger than last. We got the opportunity to ask him a little more about what to expect this year as well as about his work in 2016. Check out what he had to say below.


You dropped the Trouble LP a few months back. What was it like recording that? What’s your favorite track off the tape?
Trouble was actually a fun to record G. It was a big weight relief from my shoulders while creating the project because I felt as though I had a lot to say at the time with all the shit that I was going through, which inspired the whole thing. Trouble only took me like 6 months to write and record which was a much faster process for me than my previous mixtape, DBF which took me like 2 years to make. My favorites off Trouble have to be NADA, Get Mine, and Miss Me.

What can we expect from you in 2017? Any new projects?
I’m working on a lot of shit at the moment I can’t really announce my next move as of yet, but expect some new merchandise and a lot more visuals coming from me this year. Go peep that P.O. Freestylefor now, shoutout Jake Rench, we about to go nuts this year. 

You’ve been growing a loyal following in the past few years. What have you done to help grow your fanbase?
INVEST. IN. YOUR. CAREER. Mfs are only going to take you as serious as you take yourself. That’s 100.

How did you first get into music?
I’ve been into music since I was 8 years old. I didn’t record my first song til I was 14 but I didn’t start getting nice with this shit until I was in like sophomore year in high school lol.

What’s your favorite song you’ve ever recorded? Why?
Man my favorite song I’ve recorded isn’t even out yet, lol it’ll be fun to preform that’s why.

Chicago has been developing its collaborative spirit recently. Who are some artists you think deserve more shine?
Everybody who getting their shine within the city right now deserves it. Everyone else gotta work harder, including myself!

We hope you got to know a little more about Marcus Nogood and what to expect from him in 2017! It sounds like his best work is ahead of him and we’re hyped to hear it when it drops. Follow Nogood on Twitter here.

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