Windy City Sounds: Freebass (Formerly Krave)

Windy City Sounds: Freebass (Formerly Krave)

Windy City Sounds


The Name Changed but the Style Remains


Freebass, formerly known as Krave, is an artist who makes music that is just easy and fun to listen to. His nonchalant style and laid back sound make Freebass stand out among the abundance of artists in Chicago. After changing his name, Freebass is looking for 2017 to be a big year and we’re expecting big things from him. Learn some more about this growing artist below.

You used to go by Krave, tell us a little about the name change.
I changed my name due to what I feel like was an evolution in my identity. I’ve grown up a bit recently.

How’d you first get into making music?
I’ve been making music since high school, I was in concert choir, and did some battle rapping so full on rap was a natural transition.

How has growing up in Chicago affected your sound?
I feel like growing up in the city has made me everything I am and will shape me into everything I’ll be but I also feel like it’s very competitive and it stunted my growth a bit because of that.

Who are some other artists you think deserve some more shine?
I really rock with HUEY Gang, I have some brothers in there. New Kingz is a group to look out for, Matt Whise, Monty Psychs, and Davo just to name a few.

Can we expect a project from you in 2017? If so what is that looking like?
There will DEFINITELY be a project from me in 2017 probably around July. It’s gonna be very progressive and mostly singularly produced.

Anything else you want to add?
I’d just add that I’m super open to working with other artists to expand both our brands. I’m looking for experiences and I want to do a show soon.

Thanks for learning some more about this upcoming Chicago artist. Be on the lookout for a dope, progressive project from Freebass coming summer of 2017 and give him a follow on Twitter.

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