Windy City Sounds: Marko Stat$

Windy City Sounds: Marko Stat$

Marko Stat$: Forward Thinking, Chicago Grown


Every once in a while I’ll hear just one song from an artist and know I’ll be listening to them for quite some time. Marko Stat$ had that effect on me when I first heard his track Jubilation and from that moment on I’ve been following his music and I’ve been wildly impressed. He was recently featured on Don’t Sleep Pt. 6 and I was excited to interview him for this Windy City Sounds. His introspective yet often upbeat sound creates a thoughtful juxtaposition that is immediately ear catching but will also have listeners coming back and revisiting songs to really hear the message he’s providing. See what he had to say about his project BEE-4 I FLY AWAY, how Chicago has impacted his music, and who some of his influences are below.

You recently dropped BEE-4 I FLY AWAY to critical acclaim. What was it like recording that project?  

Recording BEE-4 I FLY AWAY was a very interesting process. I made the whole project while finishing school. I wanted to give up on it numerous times but as soon as I got that final mix I was very proud of what I put out into the world. Most of the tracks on the project have a Spring/Summer vibe that reflects a time period of my life where I felt invincible. These songs have also given me hope through a constant battle with emotional depression. 

If you had to give a potential fan one track of yours to listen to, what would you pick? Why?

I would tell them to listen to Moving Forward II. This track will give them a little info on my background and provide the perfect foundation  to grow with me. 

How has growing up in Chicago impacted your music?

Growing up in Chicago has given me an interesting perspective on the world. People are very passionate about music in Chicago and that has motivated me to tell my own story. I wanna leave behind my own footprints in the history of Chicago Hip-Hop & Art.

Who are some of your inspirations, both musically & outside of music?

Kendrick Lamar is my biggest musical inspiration. I relate to him so much. We both grew up in similar conditions and were overlooked. He shocked the world by his incredible growth from having a hood mentality to becoming a Grammy award winning artist. Outside of music my biggest inspirations are usually fictional characters such as “Static Shock” & “Huey” from the “Boondocks” I always wanted to be a super hero. I feel like I can make that a reality the best way I can 

You work a lot with producer Aced Spade and you two clearly have solid chemistry. How did that relationship develop?

That’s my brother right there. We both just see music in a unique way that most wouldn’t understand. The more we work together, the more our chemistry grows. I really see us changing the sound of Hip-Hop in the future.

Is there anything else you want to add?

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Marko Stat$, follow me on Twitter & Instagram @MARKOSTATS. I also have a handful of music videos on YouTube. Just search: Marko Stat$. My goal is to leave behind a legacy that people will be able to go back to and learn from. Music lasts forever!

It’s exciting to hear Marko Stat$ continue to grow as an artist and it feels like his music now is just the tip of the iceberg. Be on the lookout for more from Marko and hit him with a follow on social media.

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