Windy City Sounds: Seer

Windy City Sounds: Seer

Seer: Bringing a New Sound To Chicago


There are plenty of artists in Chicago making creative, innovative music but Seer is proving to be one of the city’s most imaginative musicians. His genre-less style incorporates a blend of oldies, pop, hip hop and really any sound that catches his ear, all coming together in a cohesive, ear catching way that highlights Seer’s ability to craft excellent music. While he just dropped his debut tape Secret 2 My Strut only a short time ago, Seer has been making waves for a while now producing for Decent Gang, one of Chicago’s most talented up and coming collectives, showing that the rest of the city is paying attention as well. We got to ask him about his recent tape, his work with Decent Gang and where his distinctive style comes from. Read more below.

You recently dropped your first project Secret 2 My Strut. What was it like making and releasing that?

I started putting together the EP at the same time as I started Messico with Fiji in January. From a production stand point I kinda saw the projects as like siblings so they share a lot of the same sounds and samples even tho its a pretty different style. I also got really mentally and physically sick for most of the time I was making the project and that was pretty fucked up but it kinda forced me to take my time with it. It’s a lot packed into 12 minutes. 

There are some unique and interesting ideas on S2MS including some oldies and pop sounds. What were some of your influences for those styles?

It’s hard to say, I really like a wide variety of sounds and I just pull influence from whatever. I guess I was listening to a lot of The Love Below, Young Thug, Chuck Berry, and a bunch of fucked up house music. I’m mostly influenced by people I work with though and the type of energy they have in the studio. 

While the tape was a more genre-less blend of music, your production work with Decent Militia is more based in hip hop. Do you plan on keeping that genre-less sound on your solo work or should we expect some more hip hop focused music?

I’m gonna keep producing hip hop and working with everybody Decent, but I’m not a rapper, so I just kinda do whatever I feel like. That genre-less style just comes from me going through a million different phases and kinda ending up where I am style-wise. Expect it to stay that way.

How did you start working with Decent Militia and what has working with them been like?

I was working with Byrds in like late 2015 and then I just started running all these sessions, made a tape with Stacks, and then it was kinda official. There’s a lot of talent in Decent and it goes way past just rappers. For example Alex Zandro, Destination Visuals, Pablo Prints, etc. etc.

What’s your favorite song you’ve ever made or produced? Why is it your favorite?

My personal favorites are usually like the weirder ones that nobody listens to. I really like this one song on my SoundCloud called “tru story from my life”. One of my favorite beats I ever made is “iNTRO” off Militia Muzik Vol. 1 

Anything else you want to add?

Raw ass visuals and singles comin’ all summer and fall ’17!!

Thanks for reading! Big shout out to Seer for coming through with some solid answers. We hope you learned some more about this creative Chicago artist. Give him a follow on Twitter here and be on the lookout for more music from Seer coming soon.



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