Windy City Sounds Interview: Shepard Hues

Windy City Sounds Interview: Shepard Hues

Shepard Hues Interview: Talent In Many Hues

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There are many talented artists in Chicago, but some simply shine through the crowd. Shepard Hues has the musical ability to get recognized among the pack and has recently started releasing some of the best music in the city. The producer/MC has teamed up with many well known artists including Supa Bwe and UG Vavy, the three of whom come together to form the group Fight Me, one of Chicago’s most elusive yet sought after ensembles. We got to interview him and ask him a little bit about his new tape, In Any Hue, what to expect from Fight Me and more. Check it out below.

You just dropped a great project called In Any Hue. Can you tell us a little bit about what it was like making that project?

In Any Hue was a project that I literally threw together, I’ve always been an artist as well, but I never cared enough to drop music. I’ve been producing/engineering music for 12 years. I just wanted to make something that was like transparent to what I’ve gone through, mostly the worst situations I’ve been in lol. 

Supa Bwe makes an appearance on the tape. Is Fight Me still a thing? If so, when can we expect new music from you all?

Yeah, Fight Me is going crazy right now low key. We got new music coming. We’ve all gotten caught up with life and stuff but Fight Me is very real. There’s more people involved now as well.

While you’re most known for your production, you prove you can also sing with the best of them. When/why did you decide to branch out from producing?

I’ve always did music, I’ve always been an artist, so I’m not really branching out from my perspective.

What is your favorite song you’ve ever worked on? Why?

My fave song is “More” right now, my fave song ever I’ve ever worked on was Portage Theater by Supa Bwe. It came so naturally, it was really fun. 

Can we expect any more new music before 2018?

I’ll probably just drop lots of music from here on. The songs from In Any Hue were mostly 2 and a half years old to be honest. People don’t really know that. 

Big thanks to Shepard Hues for taking the time to do this interview! Make sure to follow him on Twitter and be on the lookout for more music from him and Fight Me.

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