ILOVEANIME Becomes Part Of Chicago’s Next Wave With New Project “Circa ’97”

[Premeire] ILOVEANIME Becomes Part Of Chicago’s Next Wave With New Project Circa ’97


ILOVEANIME and the whole Nwotchi Complex crew have been on my radar for quite some time and they keep on impressing me with their music. The latest drop from this group is ILOVEANIME’s Circa ’97 which is the culmination of months of work and progress. There is a wide gamut of emotions to be found on this project and it starts with some solid vocals over melancholy yet thumping production on the intro track, ILOVEANIME, which flows nicely into the banging Rockstar Lifestyle. From there things take somewhat of a darker turn on Runaway Anime and Love Is Pain, both of which match the emotions presented in their titles. The tape picks back up with what be my favorite track on the whole thing, Sorry I Pop Pills, which avoids the gloomy atmosphere surrounding pill popping culture at the moment. After that, Circa ’97 progresses into brooding, heavy production and subject matter which completes the rollercoaster of emotions found throughout the 8 track tape. 

Overall the entire project is solid and introduces ILOVEANIME to an audience which is hungry for more thought provoking yet fun to listen to music. The production, songwriting, vocals, and flow are all up to par and this is a great debut for the Nwotchi Complex member. I’m definitely excited to see where his musical road takes him in the future. Check out all of Circa ’97 below.

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