Don’t Sleep Pt. 1: Syd Shaw, Femdot, TLNTD, Moon & Ju, Jayaire Woods

Don’t Sleep Pt. 1: Syd Shaw, Femdot, TLNTD, Moon & Ju, Jayaire Woods

Don’t Sleep Pt. 1:

Syd Shaw, Femdot, TLNTD, Moon & Ju, Jayaire Woods

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Don’t Sleep is a new feature that highlights some of the best artists in Chicago you may not have heard of. Our first installment is comprised of a bevy of talented artists who have the musical ability to be big names in the future. Check out what Syd Shaw, Femdot, TLNTD, Moon & Ju, and Jayaire Woods have to offer and get in tune before they blow up.



Although she hasn’t dropped a full project yet, Syd Shaw is making a name for herself through her singles and collaborating with some key players in the upcoming wave of Chicago artists. Shaw can sing and spit verses with fury, showing off her prowess on the mic in all three of the songs she’s dropped so far (Cacoon, The Wood, Blue Magic) as well as on her features. We’re hoping she’s gearing up to drop a full length tape sometime soon because her talent is undeniable.



With the ability to spit vivid stories while maintaining interesting flows and melodies, Femdot is a complete MC with strong skills. His latest EP fo(u)r is a perfect example of his abilities, especially Soul, which is up there with the best songs out of Chicago in the past year. Not only does he sound good on wax, but he also puts on a solid live performance with a lot of energy. Stream fo(u)r below and watch some of his songs live from Red Bull Sound Select Denver here.




The most R&B influenced artist on this list, TLNTD has shown he has a musical sensibility that rivals anyone in Chicago. TLNTD has shown that he can both sing and rap with authority, switching between the two effortlessly on most of his tracks. Some of our favorite tracks of his have been his most recent including Fall and Life, which highlight both his talent and excellent selection of production. TLNTD has worked with some other up and coming artists we dig such as Monte Booker and Smino.




This duo has been growing a following on the alt-rap scene in Chicago, silently releasing a slew of songs on their SoundCloud. The pair of artists make a unique, folksy form of hip hop that is ear catching from the very first listen. They don’t make music together on a regular basis but fans have been wondering about a mixtape or album for months. They recently dropped a few unreleased tracks recorded a while back, reviving hopes of a reunion.




Jayaire Woods is sure to get a lot of buzz in the coming months as he looks to release FREETHEFALL, a follow up to his critically acclaimedTREES42MORROW. He is signed to Quality Control Music out of Atlanta which features big artists such as Migos and Lil Yachty and we’re thinking those connections will make Woods a household name soon enough. The sing-rap style he employs is ear catching and it’s clear why Quality Control signed him. Check out his tape TREES42MORROW below and be on the lookout for FREETHEFALL.


That’s it for our first installment of Don’t Sleep. Be on the look out for more artists like Syd Shaw, Femdot, Moon & Ju, Jayaire Woods, and TLNTD next time and check out even more talented Chicago artists right now on our Featured Chicago Artists page.


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