Don’t Sleep Pt. 2: Mari, Drea Vibe Dealer, Juba Ja’te, Netherfriends, New Kingz

Don’t Sleep Pt. 2: Mari, Drea Vibe Dealer, Juba Ja’te, Netherfriends, New Kingz

Don’t Sleep Pt. 2:

Mari, Drea Vibe Dealer, Juba Ja’te, Netherfriends, New Kingz

Don’t Sleep is back, this time featuring four solo artists and one group everyone in Chicago should be hearing. Check out Mari’s introspective style, Drea Vibe Dealer’s unique songs, Juba Ja’te’s political voice, Netherfriends’ diversity of talents, and New Kingz’ fresh take on Chicago music below.



Mari has been releasing a steady stream of new songs recently and all of them have been pretty impressive. The Chicago MC has the rare ability to make meaningful songs that are still catchy and fun to listen to. Mari’s melodic voice and flows can often be found over piano loops and smooth backdrops which provide the perfect space for Mari’s thoughts. Some of our favorite songs he’s dropped recently are Love andAll-Amerikkka but tracks such as Dress To Kill and Motivation also stand out for their bumping production.



Some of the most interesting sounds coming out of Chicago today are thanks to Drea Vibe Dealer. Atmospheric melodies and jazzy, spacious instrumentals intertwine nicely with Drea’s airy vocals and excellent song writing. Drea has released a few EPs in the past year and they all stand out as cohesive projects with a focused sound, but Vibe Cave and Triple Goddess 3 EP particularly catch our attention.




Even with only four songs officially released, Juba Ja’te has already made a strong impact and been gaining some much deserved attention. Ja’te has an unmistakable voice and makes his presence known with every word he spits. We first heard of Ja’te when he dropped Not Another Negro Spiritual, a Billie Holiday sampled track that reminds us of Mick Jenkins’ Martyrs. While Not Another Negro Spiritual is without a doubt an ear catching and memorable song, Ja’te may have one upped himself with The Cure featuring Brittney Carter. It’s one of our favorite tracks to come out in the past few months.




Netherfriends is a talented multi-instrumental artist who releases a diverse range of music that all manages to be quality. New material is never far off with Netherfriends as he makes tapes at a prolific rate. He even released an album for every month of the year at one point. While his output is unmatched, it isn’t unfocused. In fact Netherfriends usually creates overarching themes and very focused motifs on his projects. His melodic voice and always interesting instrumentals can be found throughout his discography. Some of our favorites are Don’t Be A Fuck Boy and Money.



New Kingz is a duo comprised of Ali and Lukas G, two talented artists with an ear for dope production. Every song they release is sure to bump and come with a solid hook and verses. Quality is the name of the game with this pair and they rarely release anything that misses the mark. Punchy, precisely timed drums and noteworthy flows make this team one that is sure to see their clout rise. If you only have time to listen to a few tracks from them we recommend Power and Crash.

That concludes our second segment of Don’t Sleep. Be on the lookout for next month’s feature with five more talented Chicago artists you deserve to know about.


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