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Rap Duo Mother Nature Bring Exciting Energy To “PRESSURE” Video

Finding a duo with the chemistry Mother Nature has isn’t an easy task and their organic energy is clear in their new video for PRESSURE. ….

Famous Dex Drops Wild Video For “No Hook 5”

I said a few weeks ago that the people at Midnight Cinema would be making some big moves this year and this video is the first sign of that. Famous Dex brings some crazy energy to No Hook 5 and the video captures that vibe perfectly, coming in strong with some great light work and edits. Dex takes advantage of the dope visuals and shows off his unique flow and contagious enthusiasm throughout the video. Last year was a huge one for Famous Dex and if he’s going to be dropping more songs and visuals like this I have a feeling 2018 will be just as big if not bigger. Be on the lookout for more from both Famous Dex and Midnight Cinema.