Derrick B. and Hollywood Harv Show Impressive Flows On “Rotation”

Derrick B. and Hollywood Harv Show Impressive Flows On “Rotation”


With the crazy amount of artists to be found in the Winy City and the surrounding areas, it can be difficult to even be heard at times. Derrick B. shows that he deserves some attention with his new track Rotation, a song full of brooding production and tight flows from Derrick and a solid hook from Hollywood Harv. The eery piano that floats in the beat’s background adds to the impressive verses from Derrick and each artist shows that they’re skilled behind the mic.

With rapid paced lyricism combined with an equally hard hitting chorus, Rotation is a good example of the skill these MCs have. The chemistry seen in this song is also obvious and both Derrick B. and Hollywood Harv vibe off each other with fluidity, proving that the duo makes a solid team. It’s hard not to be impressed by the technical ability on each verse, too, with Derrick switching up the speed of his flow with excellent timing. Listen to Rotation below.

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