YL Lxrd Lacree Drops Sunken Place & Talks About His Future

YL Lxrd Lacree Drops Sunken Place & Talks About His Future

YL Lxrd Lacree Drops Sunken Place & Talks About His Future


YL Lxrd Lacree has been putting out passionate, heartfelt music for a while now and his tape Sunken Place is another good example of his introspective skills. From personal lyrics dealing with various relationships to excellent production from Takao Beats, this project is a complete one that brings up some real life topics that deserve some more attention. We got to ask Lacree about Sunken Place, what 2018 looks like and more. Check it out below.

You clearly have a lot of passion behind your music. How does your everyday life influence your music?

Everyday life is a constant reminder of the endless content constantly being created around me and for me to tell that story and bring awareness.

You’ve done a lot of work with producer Takao Beats, creating some great music together. Tell us a little about the chemistry you two have and what’s it like crafting these projects together.

Aww man me and Takao met via twitter around 2014. We been building ever since. Our chemistry is constantly evolving man, we go through normal spats like most artist and producer would however when it’s time to create music we lock in. He provides the tunes and I create the bop. Admittedly though a lot of his productions sound much different before I tap on them because I usually find a pocket and rap to it. Only to find out I’m not following the beat format.

Your latest tape Sunken Place is pretty dope and highlights your rapping ability very well. What was it like making this tape? What do you want people to take away from it?

Sunken Place was a surprise to both me and Takao simply because we was working on another project and this one came out after I was going through music and decided to put together a quick playlist to highlight how I was literally feeling at the time. The theme of the tape is relationships. From business, personal, community and just our overall relationship we have with the person within us all. The one thing everyone should take away from this tape is always be aware of how your actions and words affect other people. You never know how someone can react to what your doing or saying.

You’ve been grinding for a while now, what else can we expect from you in 2018?

Now that Sunken Place is out, expect to hear more music from me in about 45-60 days. We’re already working on skeleton tracks for the follow up project. Also I’m looking to get other producers involved, like my guy Allday, who’s a dope producer I started with. Shout out my homie AllDay, we started from the bottom together. He influenced my style and produced my first tape American Religion. I’m glad to see him build and grow. He deserves everything that God is blessing him with now. So yeah I’m looking forward to working with both of them on the new project which will have a much more matured sound. Expect it out before SXSW.

If someone had time to listen to only one song off Sunken Place, which one should they pick and why?

The one track everyone should listen to is Love Me. It’s a real track. Very relatable to all aspects of every relationship. Although I’m describing it from a man and female perspective, it’s much more than that. It can be applied to every time of relationship in this world. It’s the 3 stages of Love all in one track.

Big thanks to YL Lxrd Lacree for taking the time to speak on his new album. Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter and be on the watch for new music!

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