50 Best New Chicago Rappers/Artists

50 Best New Chicago Rappers/Artists



Ajani Jones is one of the most skilled rappers in Chicago. His music is lyrical, thoughtful, personal, and relatable and always has a powerful message packed behind the melodic sounds. His album Eternal Bliss is full of these contemplative yet creative songs and has been one of my favorite projects this year.



One of the most politically active artists in Chicago, Malcolm London uses his powerful voice to better his community. The artist-activist has impacted the city in a big way and his music reflects the efforts he puts in, often speaking on life in Chicago from a first hand perspective and providing a complex, robust picture of his experiences.



Netherfriends is an artist who simply loves making music. The amount of material he releases is prolific and he is always trying to come out with something creative and original. One great example of his eclectic style is his tape Country Trap which created an odd musical couple between trap and country music.



Sulaiman knows how to make deliberate, thought provoking music that will have listeners going back multiple times to catch every story and line he spits. Coming in with a more classic hip hop sounds, Sulaiman knows how to craft a complete and cohesive project as exampled by his tape 6pc Fried Hard.



If you’re looking for some catchy melodies with some of the best production in the city, Adamn Killa is the artist for you. His flow is smooth as butter and he has an uncanny ear for beats which is apparent on his project I Am Adamn where he experiments with a variety of compelling sounds.

Thanks for reading our list of the 50 Best New Chicago Rappers/Artists! I hope you found a few new artists that you hadn’t heard of before and realize just how much talent Chicago holds. Be in tune for the next list!

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