50 Best New Chicago Rappers/Artists

50 Best New Chicago Rappers/Artists

drea the vibe dealer


Just remember all lower case when you spell the woman name. drea the vibe dealer has been creating jazzy, atmospheric music for some time now and her unique sound has kept me coming back time and time again just to see the innovation.



An overlooked aspect of being an artist is having a defined, consistent aesthetic surrounding the music. LUNXCH, fka Sage, the 64th Wonder, realized this and has cultivated a distinct anime inspired image to go along with his dusty, boom bap sound. This combination, along with his consistent communication with fans, has led to LUNXCH developing a loyal fanbase that has allowed him to tour around the Midwest.



One of the most prominent members of Save Money, Towkio knows how to create a diverse array of music ranging from fun and upbeat to touching and socially aware. The talented artist seems to get better and better with every project he drops and his ability to balance social commentary with easy going tracks has created a refreshing dynamic.



Max Wonders is one of Chicago’s hidden gems. The young MC has been putting out memorable music for the past few years and creates a unique, catchy sound often with a message that takes listeners back to their childhood days. His musical ability is undeniable and he’s sure to continue to grow with his music.



One of Chicago’s best dual threats, L.A. VanGogh can both sing and rap (and produce!) with the best of them.  His ability to create beautiful melodies with a distinct sound and then turn around and spit a solid verse has set him apart from his peers. VanGogh has started making national waves thanks to this identifiable sound and I have a feeling the best is yet to come.



Kami is a Save Money member who has proven he can make a diverse variety of music that always hits the mark. His project Just Like The Movies has been one of the most interesting tapes to drop in 2017, featuring a strong 80’s influence and incredibly fascinating ideas throughout. Only a few weeks after he dropped that artistic piece of work, he comes through with the Superstar EP which featured some serious bangers and more turn up songs.



Jamila Woods is about as talented as anyone in Chicago. The skilled song writer packs her art with emotion, honesty, and vulnerability, truly bringing the music to life. The soothing and soulful music she creates is some of the freshest, most creative music to be found anywhere.



Loren has been putting in work for years and it’s been paying off in big ways. The talented MC has an excited fan base, is an easily recognizable name on the Chicago scene and is a certified Chicago underground legend at this point. He continues to impress with every drop and we’re looking forward to hearing him continue to grow. His work with producer Flight has been some of the most consistent, steady music to come out of the city and they have been laying the foundations for the new wave of Chicago artists.



One of the more poetic MCs in Chicago, Qari makes every word count. His lyrical ability and uniquely appealing flow set him apart from the crowd and has kept us tuned into his music for years. It’s always easy to kick back and vibe out to some Qari as his often mellow music brings a calming presence to nearly any situation.



With the ability to tell vivid stories while maintaining fascinating flows and melodies, Femdot is one of Chicago’s most complete MCs. Just because Femdot comes from a more lyrical place doesn’t mean he sacrifices energy or catchiness in his music. This dynamic presence on wax translates to lively performances that animate the music in a way that always keeps the audience engaged. Femdot is also a consistent artist, releasing new projects and loose tracks on a regular basis.



Morimoto brings a fresh take to not only hip hop but music in general. His unique sound touches toes with many genres, ranging from jazz to blues to hip hop and even rock, bringing them all together in a distinct and interesting way. While this eclectic mix of sounds could feel out of place, Morimoto does an excellent job of making them work in a way that takes the individual pieces and brings them together like a big musical family, each member possessing an important aspect in the aesthetic.



Having a distinct style and sound is an important aspect of being a musical artist and Jayaire Woods definitely has a unique sound. The melodic MC has been putting out catchy, spacious music that is easy to vibe to for a few years at this point and has dropped some serious gems such as TREES42MORROW and FREETHEFALL, putting him on the map as one of Chicago’s most talented artists. He has also signed to Quality Control



There are some artists that make simply fun music and Big Body Fiji is one of those artists. The Decent Gang member has been dropping uptempo, energetic music for a while now and has started to get some well deserved recognition. His unique and memorable style, paired with his vibrant, entertaining music have all the ingredients necessary for Fiji to really make a name for himself in more than just Chicago.



If you’re looking for catchy, uptempo, feel good music, Tobi Lou is the artist for you. Every song the Chicago MC has dropped has featured robust production and an undeniably uplifting presence whenever Lou enters. This positive energy makes for great summer time music, but really it’s good enough to listen to at any time and I have a feeling Lou will be getting more and more attention with each song he drops. His focus on only releasing high quality music and visuals is a good plan that has been working so far and people are tuning in partly because of that deliberate approach.



When it comes to Chicago’s top lyricists, MFn Melo has to be near the top of the list. Serving as a strong part of the Pivot Gang family, Melo has shown he can spit with the best of them over a variety of different kinds of beats. His pure rapping ability could match up with anyone in the world and his impeccable flow combined with his creative, precise lyricism truly makes him stand out from the crowd. We’re looking forward to a full project from the talented artist to solidify his place amongst Chicago’s top MCs.


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