Mile Higher Musicians: WiSE

Mile Higher Musicians: WiSE

Mile Higher Musicians


Their thought provoking music is making a presence in Denver


Wise Beyond Knowing (WiSE) is one of those duos where the chemistry and talent is undeniable. From the first listen, it’s clear their vision is strong and they aren’t just making music to make music; they also want people to get their minds working. With a few years of experience under their belts, it’s looking like 2017 is going to be a breakout year for the group. Read below to find out more about WiSE and their thoughtful style.

You guys have been making art together for a few years now. How’d you first meet? How’d you know you wanted to start WiSE?
We met the first day of college during orientation. Our last names both start with the letter E so we were in the same line. One of us said “swag” and the other one replied “whoo”. Then both of us realized we both knew who Lil B was and the rest was history. As far as WiSE goes we had been rapping together for about two years and and we were going through multiple growing experiences. That’s when we decided we wanted to start taking it serious and WiSE was the next level.

Your music thumps but also comes with more to think about. What do you want people to take away from your music?
That we all have the willpower to accomplish more than we can imagine.  Every single one of us can achieve whatever we set our mind to.

What’s your favorite song you’ve ever recorded?
Horus The Sun: Amber or Been a While, one of those def dew is mine cause the sessions were just had great energy and they flowed well.

Dylan Times Five: Mine def has to be the very first song we ever recorded called Halloween. We recorded it the first day we met. Just how random it was and how much energy we put into it made it amazing to us.

Can we expect a project anytime soon? If so, what is that looking like?
Yes you can expect a couple projects in the near future. They are going to be a breath of fresh air and what we feel has been missing for a while.

The Denver scene is full of talented but unknown acts. Who are some of your favorite Denver artists?
Catch Lungs, Povi, Nuphoria/Mauls-B, Sur Ellz, and Cory Kendrix our genuinely our favorite artist out here.

Anything else you want to add?
Be on the look out for our new video coming soon.
Come check us at at all our social media platforms too.

Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @WiseAintShit.

Being in tune with this burgeoning scene is important for growing artists and WiSE has connections to just about everyone. They definitely picked a good time to come to Denver. Their 2017 is looking big and we hope you enjoyed learning more about this formidable duo.


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