Mile Higher Musicians: Mauls-B

Mile Higher Musicians: Mauls-B

Mile Higher Musicians


This multi talented artist is aiming a mile higher


The hip hop scene in Denver is bubbling right now thanks to artists like Mauls-B. This multi-talented artist shows what hard work and a focused mindset can do and he’s looking to put Denver on the map in a big way. The future looks bright for Mauls-B and he’s been putting in the work and making the right moves to secure a top spot on this up and coming community. Learn a little more about him below.


So the word is you go by two names. Can you explain that for us?
Indeed. I’ve always carried a version of the name Mauls-B, (Maulsby is my real last name) however it evolved from the nickname “Maulsbeatz” in high school when I first got into beat production. By senior year in 2012 I started to develop a certain sound/style with my electronic music as well as my photography and graphic design and decided to form the name “NUPHORIA”… I try to produce unique melodies and beats that invoke a “new state of euphoria”. Within the last 2 years I began crafting my hip hop project and wanted to use a simple yet unique name. Mauls-B was formed naturally.

That’s cool, do you prefer rapping or producing?
I am happy doing both, but I am finding a new love for live performance and being able to captivate people’s attention on stage through my words!
Are you working on a project? If so, what’s that looking like?
I have an unfathomable amount of unfinished concepts/beats/songs but I am looking to drop some EDM/trap remixes this March whilst I put together my first MAULS-B EP!
What’s your favorite song you’ve ever recorded?
My favorite song I’ve recorded is called Want It. I recorded it in February and might release it after my next performance on April 6th! The song is a tribute in a way to Madeintyo and the Private Club, I have a lot of memories listening to their music while they were on the come up and I love Madeintyo’s vibes and beat selection.

The Denver scene is on the come up right now, who are some artists people should be checking out?
There really are so many talented artists & creatives in Denver. Recently I’ve enjoyed songs from my guys Wise Beyond Knowing, Catch Lungs, Cory Kendrix, FAME, Yasi, JT Runnin Man, and Low Hanging Fruit out of Boulder just to name a few!

Anything else you want to add?
Aside from music there are many talented digital artists, painters, designers and creatives in our city. I encourage one to make an effort to support the people in our area! Through cross-promotion and collaboration we can all achieve great things! 

Mauls-B is a name to watch out for in Colorado and it’s clear he’s tuned into the scene in all the right ways. We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about him and are looking forward to hearing more. See Mauls-B live on April 6th, opening up for Yung Pinch and follow him on Twitter.


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