Windy City Sounds: Sage, the 64th Wonder

Windy City Sounds: Sage, the 64th Wonder

Windy City Sounds

Sage, the 64th Wonder:

The SlumpGang Leader has a Knack for Building Loyalty Organically


Some artists are trendy. They try to catch a wave when it’s happening and create a similar sound to other successful artists. Sage, the 64th Wonder is not one of these artists. The leader of the SlumpGang collective, Sage has cultivated a unique and defined boom-bap sound that he combines with thoughtful visual pieces, bringing together an aesthetic that has the potential for stretches of longevity. His fan base is as organic as any, and they show their support all over social media and real life. Learn some more about this artistically progressive artist below.

You have a very loyal fan base that’s been growing nicely. What have you done to bring this audience together?
Honestly, I’ve just been consistently putting out the music that I feel is dope and truly the essence of SlumpGang777. When people listen to my music I want them to feel apart of SlumpGang.

Your aesthetic is very defined and unique. How did you create the style you have now? What are some of your biggest influences?
Haha thank you! The style was created just by combining my favorite anime and other sci-fi influences into a character I could use as an alternate being. Having an aesthetic is one of the most important things to have figured out.

People may not know that you don’t only make music, but also are a talented visual artist. Can you tell us a little about your visual art?
When I’m not as motivated musically to work on new shit I tend to venture off into the realm of collage art. The way of the X-acto Blade is a trying one. Usually when I come up with a dope piece I instantly turn it into a song/album cover. In most cases I use old TIME magazines and jets. They have the real vintage feel.

SagWav just dropped to some really good feedback from your fans and the blogs. What was it like recording and reworking that project? Are you happy with the response it’s gotten so far?
Reworking “SageWav” FKA “Shikigami Jazz” was stressful but fun. I made a lot of music in 2016 and was truly stuck as to what songs were “Album Material”. After 4 rough drafts I realized it would never be perfect and that it needed to be released upon the world with no further delay. Needless to say I was hesitant but the results proved it was a good move on my part. I’m happy.
The Chicago scene is booming right now and you’ve emerged as one of the leaders on the scene. How do you plan on using your influence in the future? Who are some artists you feel deserve some more recognition?
I plan on opening an Art school for Slumpgang777 supporters and others inspired by Slumpgang777. I can’t really speak on the logistics because I don’t want to spew hollow facts. In time I will prove my global worth and actually lend a hand in the ever-changing dystopia “Terra”.

Anything else you want to add?
Shoutouts the entire Slumpgang777 Collective.

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Thanks for reading up on Sage, the 64th Wonder. Look out for more interesting, ear catching music and art from not only Sage, but the whole SlumpGang collective. 2017 is looking powerful for the whole team.

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