Don’t Sleep Pt. 3: L.A. VanGogh, Ethos, TASHA, Insomnyakk Jimmy, Musa Reems

Don’t Sleep Pt. 3: L.A. VanGogh, Ethos, TASHA, Insomnyakk Jimmy, Musa Reems

Don’t Sleep Pt. 3:

L.A. VanGogh, Ethos, TASHA, Insomnyakk Jimmy, Musa Reems

Aaaaaand we’re back. This month’s Don’t Sleep features a diverse set of artists with styles ranging from a classic old school vibe to a bouncy sound with mainstream potential. Chicago is packed with talent and picking just five artists every month is a challenge, but these burgeoning musicians deserve the shine. See what they all have to offer below.




L.A. Van Gogh has been making his mark on the Chicago scene for a little bit now and his hard work is starting to pay off. The M.C. knows how to put out catchy songs with an identifiable sound thanks to his unique inflection and layered adlibs. Production crew safeNsound has also helped Van Gogh cultivate a signature style, collaborating with him on some of his best work yet including our two favorite songs, No Service and Changed My Number. While those two tracks are some of his most recent, songs like hold it down are also worthy of a few plays. L.A. could definitely hit the mainstream with force somewhere not too far down the line.




There aren’t too many artists like Ethos out there these days. While many artists focus on making catchy tunes, Ethos uses his artistry in a powerful way with a style that reminds us of Gil Scott Heron. When Ethos speaks, not a single word is wasted as his poignant, inspiring lyrics purse their way through the musical fabric directly into the listener’s ears. His latest track Ase was our original introduction to this revolutionary minded MC, but it’s hard not to hear that track and dive head first into the rest of his work. Songs like (We Got) Power and How Many More (Antonio’s Bloom) are great examples of the wordsmith’s abilities.






TASHA is an R&B artist who is cut from a similar cloth as artists such as Noname and Jamila Woods. Her Divine Love EP consists of five tracks, all of them deserving of being a part of this beautiful project. Her vibe is relaxing yet still touches on important, self-empowering themes that are easy to connect with thanks to TASHA’s soothing voice and mellow production. Although her SoundCloud is full of noteworthy tracks, Snacks, (We Got) Power, and In The Sun have all kept us coming back for more.





Certain styles just lend themselves to being ear catching and addicting. Insomnyakk Jimmy’s inflection and hazy voice make this the case with his music. Songs like #FakeAppleJuice and Bye Felicia highlight this effect and also feature production that fits with Jimmy’s aesthetic well. While his raps aren’t as politically minded as some other artists on this list, Jimmy does often spit about personal issues and makes them easily relatable. We’re looking forward to what he has to offer next.




Musa Reems is a classic MC with hard hitting, fast paced flows and no gimmicks. His latest EP Another Dos(e) is made up of two tracks that show just how precise Reems’ flow is, especially on the first track Eclipse. Just because he uses a lot of words doesn’t mean he’s using any filler. Most of his verses have an end goal and they’re not just there to show off Musa’s technical skills. He only has a few solo tracks out and has otherwise worked with the group Children of I.L.L.O.I.S. but we recommend giving both tracks on Another Dos(e) a listen in order to get a fuller understanding of Musa’s abilities.


Aaaaaaand we’re gone. Hopefully you found a few talented artists you haven’t heard before and enjoyed reading about them! Definitely keep up on these artists, they’re just starting their musical journeys.



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