Don’t Sleep Pt. 4: Lulu Be., Mani Jurdan, The Nwotchi Complex, Stunnaman Stacks, Meech

Don’t Sleep Pt. 4: Lulu Be., Mani Jurdan, The Nwotchi Complex, Stunnaman Stacks, Meech

Don’t Sleep Pt. 4:

Lulu Be., Mani Jurdan, The Nwotchi Complex, Stunnaman Stacks, Meech 


Our latest Don’t Sleep features some artists who have been growing their brand for a while and others who just dropped their first track. Every artist here is talented and deserves some more shine for their dope music. Check out newcomer Lulu Be., Huey Gang member Mani Jurdan, The Nwotchi Complex collective, Decent Militia artist Stunnaman Stacks, and the vibe worthy Meech below.




While Lulu Be. only has one song right now, she is no stranger to the music scene. When she’s not making music she is the studio manager at Classick Studios which is also where she met producer Lanre who crafted the bouncy afrobeat infused production on Rude Tings. Her excellent mix of musical genres is sure to push her sound to a very broad audience and although Rude Tings is easy to move to, it also has a personal aspect to it. Lulu states “I feel that this track really embodies who I am as a first generation Ethiopian girl from Chicago, it has a little bit of everything. A little bit of afrobeats, a little bit of juke, and a lotta bit uh bars.” With over 20,000 plays on SoundCloud already, we’re guessing Lulu won’t be slept on for long.



Mani Jurdan has shown a conscious edge on many of his tracks yet still manages to pack a punch with his flow and production. The Huey Gang member has been dropping lyrical content for a while now, a perfect example being his track Pharaoh. The young MC has found some nice chemistry with producer Bitoy Beatz and the duo is set to put out more dope music together in the future. Jurdan brings his life to his music, often commenting on the societal problems he sees growing up in the city. We’re hoping he becomes one of the biggest voices on the scene going forward because he has a lot of powerful things to say.



This collective has really created a nice aesthetic and has been putting out some solid music that has been getting a good amount of recognition. The Nwotchi Complex knows the right moves to make, calling on the likes of Supa Bwe and Shepard Hues to assist in building their sound. Every member of the group has some solid skills and their sound focuses on the MCs’ abilities to come through with lyrical verses and precise flows. Their last two songs, Dead Zone and That’s Raijin/That’s Fujin are probably their best yet, showing they are progressing in the right direction.



The whole Decent Militia has been making major noise on the Chicago scene and Stunnaman Stacks has played a big role in that. Stunnaman has been dropping some real homegrown, fun to listen to tracks on a very consistent basis since he started making music. He has proven he can make some real bangers with playful production and witty, fun lyrics. His flows and voice always make a song catchy, with some of my favorites being Pint Pint and Money Bags. Even though he doesn’t have the most content out there, the Chicago scene has been paying attention and Stunnaman has been featured on a variety of blogs in the past few months.




Fresh off of his EP Saints, Meech continued his ascent when he dropped Tango, an upbeat and catchy song he made with producer Mic Lee. Saints itself consisted of five very polished tracks with Saved and Can’t Go really standing out. His smooth style and ability to both hit hooks and verses as well as anyone sets Meech apart from the crowd and he knows his talents, saying “Irish pub or any club, that’s bar for bar with any n***a, Tyson, Ali, Foreman, I go hook for hook with any n***a” on Can’t Go. His outstanding wordplay is another strong suit of his and can be found on any of his songs.


That’s it for our Don’t Sleep Part 4. Be sure to tune in next month for five more up and coming artists from Chicago and be on the look out for new music from Lule Be., Mani Jurdan, The Nwotchi Complex, Stunnaman Stacks, and Meech.


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