JalapenoPapii Releases New Music And Introduces Himself With Q+A

JalapenoPapii Releases New Music And Introduces Himself With Q+A

JalapenoPapii Releases New Music And Introduces Himself With Q+A

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There is an abundance of new artists who consistently cycle through the Chicago scene but Woodside’s JalepenoPapii has shown he has the potential to stick around thanks to his nonchalant flows and excellent, uptempo production choices. We got the chance to ask him a few questions about his music and what to expect from him in the future and it looks like he has some big things in store.

We also got the opportunity to release his latest track W.G.O.D. which is a perfect example of the talent he’s bringing to the table. With catchy, bouncy production from DrummrG and an unconcerned flow from Jalepeno, this song will definitely be in rotation for the next week. 

Check out our full Q+A below and learn some more about this up and coming rapper.

Thanks for sitting down with us! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well my name is JP but I go by Jalapenopapii and I’ve been rapping and singing since I was 10 but I’ve been putting music out since 2015 and so far I’ve dropped close to like 25 songs with more shit on the way. I’m originally from the Westside of Chicago but moved to a suburb known as Maywood (Maywood/Bellwood) but we like to call it “Woodside”.

Who are some of your favorite artists in Chicago? Who do you hope to work with at some point?

Some of my favorite artists from the city would have to be Femdot, Adot, Lucki, Chance, Valee and G Herbo (and myself of course). One day I’d really like to work with Jaden Smith, Pharrell, Tyler, Earl, damn near anybody lol I feel I’m very, very versatile so I wanna be able to say I’ve all types of music with artists from different backgrounds.

Who are some artists you feel are overlooked?

Low-key people still sleep on Alex Wiley like bro ass be going ova crazy but uhmmm Adot is still slept on, Almighty Beats and Mulatto Beats are low-key slept on, Hurt Everybody, Ric Wilson and Manwolves also are kinda overlooked in my opinion. Chicago music scene isn’t dying off anytime soon we just gotta continue to push the envelope and continue to put the city on. The city is so much more than violence and gangs and shit it’s actually a very beautiful, diverse, fun place to live.

Do you have a project on the way? If so how’s that going?

Ayeeeeeeeee so my first full length project is in the works entitled “Wholesome World” I plan to drop it spring time next year, right around my bday so be on the lookout for that. SO FAR I’ve constructed an outlet but what I wanna do for this project is show my true diversity, so far all I’ve ever done was rap, I’m going to experiment with different vocals, sounds, ideas etc.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

My sound is more so upbeat, “make a person wanna dance” but chill at the same time. I really enjoy the subtleness of my voice because I often say bars that goes over a lot of people heads and they have to rewind the song and listen again, that’s the most satisfying part about my sound, it’s very easy to listen and anyone in your family can enjoy it……..just pure Jalapeno wholesomeness.

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