Shepard Hues Drops “Come On Home” And Discusses Status As Chicago’s Underground Secret

Shepard Hues Drops “Come On Home” And Discusses Status As Chicago’s Underground Secret

Shepard Hues Drops “Come On Home” And Discusses Status As Chicago’s Underground Secret


Talent can be a hard thing to ignore, especially when it is as vibrant and polished as what Shepard Hues has been bringing to the table. The Rockford native has proven his ability as an MC, songwriter, producer, singer, and engineer and his latest track Come On Home is a great example of his immense array of musical skill. It’s clear almost immediately that this song could be all over the radio and become a real hit thanks to its smooth production and Hues’ soothing yet powerful vocals. The mixing and mastering on this one is also second to none and it serves as proof of Hues’ excellence in crafting a complete song.

Come On Home also looks to be a sign that Hues is back and ready to consistently drop tracks. While there isn’t a project in the works, Hues says he has “a bunch of new music” that he’s excited to share with the fans and that if they really want a tape, he might just have to put something together for them. The stockpile of songs Hues has built is something to truly look forward to, especially since he’s been in the studio with an impressive list of names recently. From Chance The Rapper to the Yeezy Sound team to Warhol.SS to Mick Jenkins, Hues has worked with a plethora of the city’s biggest stars and has become what he describes as “Chicago’s underground secret.”

Even though he has started brushing shoulders with some of the game’s most recognizable figures, Hues has remained humble and wants people to know he’s “just a dude from a small city in Illinois called Rockford.” His presence on the scene’s local music can be felt as well through collaborations with groups like The Nwotchi Complex but his stock is rising quickly and it’s clear why: he’s just that good. Hip hop fans outside of Chicago may be sleeping on him, but they won’t be for too much longer. His list of accomplishments is growing at a rapid pace and he already has a song he engineered appearing on NBA 2K19 (Supa Bwe’s Up Right Now) and has assisted Chance on the four song project he dropped recently, adding his touch to the drums on 65th & Ingleside.

It’s only a matter of time before the work Hues has been putting in pays off in even bigger ways and he has the potential to be one of hip hop’s premier young stars in the coming years. With his easily accessible sound and the connections he’s been making behind the scenes, it’s possible Hues becomes an “overnight success” that’s been years in the making. If there is any merit to the idea that true talent rises to the top in the hip hop world, Shepard Hues will see his time in the limelight.

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