[Premiere] YourFrends Gets Us Prepared For the Week on Their First Tape, “Just Mondays”

[Premiere] YourFrends Gets Us Prepared For the Week on Their First Tape, “Just Mondays”

[Premiere] YourFrends Gets Us Prepared For the Week on Their First Tape, “Just Mondays”


When it comes to soulful, authentic music coming out of the Windy City, YourFrends is a must-listen to group. Consisting of Thee Unique, Franchika and Tyler, they’re back this time with a project, Just Mondays, that highlights the trio’s kinetic chemistry with each artist feeding off each other throughout the 7 track tape. From hard hitting bangers like Culture to more introspective, thoughtful tracks such as Chicago Kid, Just Mondays has a little bit of everything and everyone should be able to find at least a few tracks they enjoy. Ever since I heard Chicago Kid a few weeks back I knew this group would be making some noise on the scene and this project is that noise coming in full force. With blessing from Chance The Rapper, I have a feeling YourFrends will continue making a name for themselves in Chicago and we even got a little Q&A with them that you can check out below the project:

Q : Your first project is here, how would you describe it for those who have never heard of YourFrends?
YourFrends : We call ourselves the “no genre mamba” because we pull from so many different genres, though we each individually come from different musical backgrounds, as a collective, we like to keep things honest, and authentic. Just Mondays has A LOT of energy yet also reveals situations we’ve personally been through. Relatable situations for those who really listen and pay attention to the stories being told.

Q : How did you choose the songs that made the cut?
YourFrends : 7 songs for 7 days of the week, we literally had so many records to choose from but we wanted the project to be cohesive. We were torn on what to present to the world as our first body of work, but we think we’re set on the records that were picked so we hope yall like them too.
Q : Besides Chicago Kid, how does Chicago influence your music?
YourFrends : Chicago influences our music in so many ways, it’s like our playground to be honest. We speak on the real life situations going on down here, but we also live out here so it’s pretty much self-explanatory just listen and you’ll understand a bit more.
Q : What can we expect from YourFrends moving forward?
YourFrends : Our next project is almost finished, stay tuned!
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