Supa Bwe Drops His Best Project Yet With “Finally Dead”

Supa Bwe Drops His Best Project Yet With “Finally Dead”

Supa Bwe Drops His Best Project Yet With “Finally Dead

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One of my personally most anticipated albums of the year is finally here. Supa Bwe has been working towards the release of Finally Dead for quite some time and after hearing it, it’s clear why he took his time. While I’ve been a Supa fan for years, this is clearly his best body of work yet and there’s a very real possibility Finally Dead is the project that blasts Supa into the national limelight. Full of classic Supa Bwe melodies, uptempo production, and raw emotion, Finally Dead is the perfect culmination of the style Supa has been cultivating over the past year or so, also doing a great job of being cohesive and deliberate. There simply aren’t any throwaway tracks on the record and every track feels perfectly placed among the rest. Supa definitely carries the project but there are a few dope features worth mentioning such as Xavier Omar & Saba, who both come through with solid additions to their respective tracks. JuJu is another feature that came through on Wok Wok, showing he has some serious talent and that people should start paying attention to him going forward. Overall, Finally Dead is already one of my favorite drops of the year and it’ll definitely be on repeat going into 2018. While every track is dope, my personal favorites were Black Goku, Thot Goddess, Up Right Now, and Numbers & Colors. Listen to all of Finally Dead (minus the iTunes bonus tracks) below.

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