Sulaiman- 6pc Fried Hard (prod. Doc Da Mindbenda)

Sulaiman- 6pc Fried Hard (prod. Doc Da Mindbenda)

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If you’re looking for a truly Chicago tape, 6pc Fried Hard is exactly what you’re looking for. Sulaiman has been MIA from the music scene over the past year or so but he comes out with a surprising bang on this project. Socially aware lyricism from Sulaiman meets vibe worthy, perfectly placed production from Doc Da Mindbenda for six tracks full of classic hip hop that paints a vivid picture of life in Chicago and its seemingly unchanging nature. If you’re looking for thought provoking music that will keep you coming back multiple times just to make sure you’re understanding the message completely, this is the project for you. All six tracks are as solid as it gets but my personal favorite is Be Up, so if you only have time for one song, that’s the one I recommend. Listen to the whole thing below.

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