Knox Fortune Twitter Interview

Knox Fortune Twitter Interview

Knox Fortune Twitter Interview


When it comes to artists who have a bright future, Knox Fortune is at the top of the list. The rising talent seemingly got bored at LAX and conducted a little Twitterview with the fans. I was pretty damn bored too so I decided to document it. Find out what his favorite Chance The Rapper song is, if we can expect a project soon, his favorite movies, and even his favorite color. You can catch all the questions & answers below:

Ever think about translating your music to the live stage? Like would you go on tour for your solo stuff?

Favourite plug in right now?

Can we expect a project anytime soon?

What’s your favorite movie?

What’s your favorite project of the year that you didn’t help out with?

How much would a feature cost for a poor artist who wants to create foe the culture?

What’s your favorite song you’ve ever been a part of/helped create?

Last time you heard a track on a TV show and *had* to find out what it was?

Which artists did you discover this year that you mess with heavy?

Favorite color?

What is your favorite Chance The Rapper song?

If you were making a playlist of songs for a home-cooked dinner date what songs would you put on it?

How far away is Quarter Thing?

How did you and Joey meet?

U wanna go to Palisades next week? πŸ…πŸ†πŸˆ

What’s your fav Vic song?

After your project drops are you gonna focus more on solo artistry or will you still be producing for other artists?

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