Windy City Sounds: Matt Whise

Windy City Sounds: Matt Whise

Windy City Sounds

Matt Whise:

Matt Whise is building a Wav.


Matt Whise has been through quite a bit in the past six years, but everything is looking up for him now. The wave building MC has been making his presence known lately and we have been paying attention. His ability to bring people together and use the power of collaboration to put out good music is apparent and we’re happy he sat down with us to give us some more perspective on his work. See what he has to say below.


You’ve been rapping for a while and seem to have found your sound. What experiences have helped you develop that sound?
Man 6 years and running it’s been a rough road, a lot of slumps and lost of friendships and powerful bonds. But I follow a warrior philosophy of whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The people who mattered kept me going when I wanted to quit and the love from people who barely know me kept me inspired to push on. The painful experiences were just building blocks to who I am now and I feel like I truly have developed well.

To my understanding, you used to work with Ace League. What happened to that relationship?
To be clear still got love for them but we do not see eye to eye through all the fu and the rumors. I appreciate them for helping me build Whise in the beginning stages. Let’s just say that we disagreed and I felt I was the problem so I left. Peace and prosperity to them and they movement proud of em but certain things I didn’t agree with. Plus I needed to learn how to fend for myself.
You’ve dropped some of your best music as you prepare to drop Layover In Tokyo. What do you want people to take away from that project? What has it been like making it?
I want people to see that I have evolved through all I’ve been through. Like literally my situation was and still is unstable but I still was able to get things done because of the loyalty of those around me. Without people like Rob Sheppard, Monty Psychs, Hera, AirKing, my managers Drapht and Cokaine Shane and the entire WAV. Ionno where I’d be. So take away that when you feel like you’re at your end, the people around you will take the wheel for you.
Who are some artists in Chicago you feel deserve some more love?
Definitely the entire Wav. We are a slept on group (Kai , Indo, Chop, Lil Rain, Monty Psychs) also some of the homies like Rob Sheppard and also Eternally Undead Rap Collective Air King and Jimi Gunnz. There’s so many others like Mikey Hash, Jay Reall, Anu, people in the underground promo. It’s so many names but you will hear them soon.

How has the Chicago scene affected your music? How has the city as a whole affected your art?
Very heavily. This scene is shady, you gotta watch out for leeches. We live in an era in the scene where people play genuine and feel entitled without any hard work. I’ve worked for everything I have and have had help from other genuine people I’m grateful for. The scene has made me more in depth and also more motivated to see my team make it by any means.

The movement Whise is trying to grow is a dope one and we’re looking forward to hearing more of this Wav as it develops even further. Be sure to be on the lookout for Layover In Tokyo (LIT) and follow Whise @MattWhise


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