Windy City Sounds: LIP!

Windy City Sounds: LIP!

Windy City Sounds


LIP! is Working on Big Things


LIP! has been dropping some unique, gruff voiced music these past few months and we were excited to get the chance to ask him some questions about his style. Gearing up to drop a project in the coming weeks, LIP! tells us more about who influenced him and what to expect from his upcoming mixtape. Learn some more about this talented artist below.


You have a very unique and interesting style, as exemplified by tracks like Sergé and 5 Series Beamer. Who are some of your influences? What has helped you become the artist you are today?
I came up on bars shit like Jay Z, Biggie, 50 Cent and whatnot, so I enjoy rapping. I also came up on Bob Marley, Beanie Man, and Elephant Man thus I’m a product of hip-hop and reggae.

Word is you’ve been working on a project that’s dropping at the end of the month. What has that process been like? What should everyone expect from that tape?
We’ve been in the lab for a lil bit just firing records off, just me Nancy and Jasper. The sound that Nancy found is a mothafucka haha he’s murdering it like none other has, and Jasper is professional like he plays in the big leagues. This one is a far different sound and a far different wave that nobody has ever came with. I’m truly excited bro.

What do you consider the best song you ever made? What was it like making it?
The best record I ever made was probably Doppelganger. I was in class one day and I told Jasper [LIP!’s producer] like I want some Harlem Renaissance type vibe. I get outta class, slide on this man, and he got this Duke Ellington sample going nuts! From there we went drums, bass, etc. I freestyled the first half of the record and wrote the second part. That MF literally came so natural, so sweet, I loved it man.

Chicago as a whole has become a breeding ground for talent. Who are some people you feel deserve more attention? Who are some artists you have been working with?
My man Phoelix, MC El aka ELTON, Blake Davis, Brian Sanborn, Doug Shotwell, Qari, Supa Bwe, Adot, Matt Whise, all them deserve WAY more respect. As far as who I’m working with… I got a few surprises.

How did you first get into making music?
I got into music after getting in trouble in school. I used to play sports and I needed something to occupy my time since I got kicked off the team. I always rapped for fun but started taking it a lil more seriously around age 17.

We hope you got a better picture of who LIP! is and what he brings to the table. Be on the lookout for his tape which is dropping in the coming weeks. It’s bound to be some major dopeness.


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