Chicago Hip Hop Playlist: 5/28/18-6/3/18

Chicago Hip Hop Playlist: 5/28/18-6/3/18

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It was a pretty solid week for the Chicago hip hop scene and I’ve put together another playlist with the week’s best music. With songs from some of the city’s brightest upcoming artists such as Saba and Melo Makes Music along with tunes from new artists like SoLo The Dweeb, JT THA POET, and Akenya, this truly was a week that showcased how many talented artists are in Chicago. Hopefully this playlist will be able to introduce you to some lesser known but still very dope artists. Coming in at 20 songs and just over an hour of music, this Chicago Hip Hop Playlist should give you a good example of what the city has been up to over the past week. Be on the lookout for another installment next Sunday!



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