Nuru The Chief Discusses His Music, The Future And Nwotchi

Nuru The Chief Discusses His Music, The Future And Nwotchi

Nuru The Chief Discusses His Music, The Future And Nwotchinuru

Nuru The Chief, a member of The Nwotchi Complex, has been working hard on new music and his most recent track, Used To featuring Shepard Hues and Dusabe Two7even, is a solid example of what he’s capable of. When it comes to his beatmaking abilities, Nuru has been sharpening his craft thanks to a deliberate work ethic combined with creative thought processes and people are starting to pay attention. Hues, who has worked with some of Chicago’s biggest artists, has taken Nuru under his wing, helping him navigate life as a producer plus assisting with sound engineering as The Nwotchi Complex prepares to drop new music. We got to ask Nuru a little bit about his relationship with Shepard & Dusabe and what to expect from him and Nwotchi in the near future. 

How did you, Shepard, and Dusabe first meet? How did you decide to start making music together?

Well me, Dusabe, Loa, and Frenchie the Pappy AKA ILOVEANIME met Shepard Hues at the same time two years ago, 2016 I believe… New Years of 2016 we were actually in the studio with Shep because we wanted to kick off this music shit right that’s when we started making music officially.


What was it like collaborating on Used To

Well I actually just got a bunch of new studio equipment and me and Shep have been collaborating for a long time, he’s kind of like my mentor big brother in this music thing and I just created the beat and I wrote my part. The beginning part that you hear, I sent that to everyone who I work with like Nwotchi, Dusabe, my dude DSO who you don’t know yet and of course Shep and basically Dusabe was the only one who wanted to hop on it at the time which the other niggas regret now haha. So I had my part recorded and Dusabe slid to my studio and he recorded his part and basically we sent it over to Shep, he’s our sound engineer, and he does what he does you know he goes crazy. He heard some things that could be added to the beat so he added them in there and it just went crazy, it went dumb… took it to another level you know.


Can we expect more music from this trio?

The trio being me Shepard Hues and Dusabe? Well maybe. I’ve been working on a lot of music and I have a lot of things that are kind of open for anyone to hop on. Since I’m the producer for most of these people everything kind of really goes through me and people just hop on when they want, but there’s nothing really planned and in-store featuring just the trio that worked on Used To but there is a lot of music where Nwotchi, Dusabe, and Shepard all collab so kind of yes.


Will Dusabe or Shepard be featured on any upcoming Nwotchi Complex material?

Dusabe and Shep Hues are 100% featured on upcoming Nwotchi music. They’re very close to everyone who is in Nwotchi so we end up working together a lot.


When can we expect some new Nwotchi music?

New music is coming very, very, very soon from The Nwotchi Complex. Used To was just the beginning, that was really just to roll things out. I tend to be the one who dips their feet into the water first… I’m kind of like the head of a missile so when I strike just know that we’re all coming.


Anything we should be looking out for in the next few months?

Yes actually we have several songs that are in the vault and we’re going to start dropping them once Used To reaches 1,000 plays on SoundCloud and other platforms, so I’m dropping a song with Osa North next Tuesday and then after that maybe we’ll get to hear a Nwotchi song… you never know haha. We also have a show at Second City coming up on March 30th and then another show same venue on April 5th, so from there we’re going to move on to doing other shows after dropping more music maybe this year or next year if things go right. But yeah we have a lot in store for you guys, visuals, music, crazy collabs, it’s all coming and trust me we do it right.


Anything else you wanted to add?


Thanks a lot for this opportunity to get interviewed I really appreciate it, and to all of our fans out there just know that I love you all none of this is even possible without you guys you actually fucking with us so continue to do so and we’ll continue to provide the hits and the shit that you guys want to hear! thank you.

Thanks to Nuru The Chief for taking the time to do this interview! Be on the lookout for new music from him and the rest of The Nwotchi Complex coming soon.

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