Kweku Collins & Femdot Show Composure on “Home Tree”

Kweku Collins & Femdot Show Composure on “Home Tree

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I’ve been excited for this song to drop all week and it doesn’t disappoint. Two of my favorite artists (and Closed Sessions signees) Kweku Collins & Femdot, on the same song? I didn’t even need to listen to Home Tree to know it’d be dope, but I did anyways and it’s proof their styles can mesh beautifully together. The calming, soothing production sets the tone for Kweku’s melodic vocals and Femdot comes through with a solid verse right in the middle of the song, showing off his personal style and lyrical ability. While it may be far fetched, I’d love to see a short EP from this duo at some point because their sounds really do come together in a nice way. Listen to Home Tree below.


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