Luke Titus Provides Eclectic Passion on “Aside of Love” EP

Luke Titus Provides Eclectic Passion on Aside of Love EP

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Wow. I was introduced to Luke Titus via his eclectic and unique track Blue, so I knew he had talent but I wasn’t expecting the excellence found on Aside of Love. Experimental sounds are scattered throughout the tape and provide fresh sounds that are engaging and memorable, highlighting Titus’ songwriting ability on top of his clear musical talent. His vocals also shine through, commanding center stage at points, especially on tracks such as Pink. The emotion on this tape also bleeds through the speakers, with Titus using his vocals to paint stunning pictures of his psyche. With features from Ravyn Lenae and theMIND, it’s clear Titus has skill that’s being recognized by the right people and I expect this tape to push him towards the limelight on the Chicago scene. Listen to all of the Aside of Love EP below.

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