Chicago’s Y.K Supe Wins Nationwide Freestyle Competition

Chicago’s Y.K Supe Wins Nationwide Freestyle Competition, Verizon  #freestyle50


Everyone in Chicago knows how much talent the city breeds, but not everyone across the country realizes the skill. Y.K Supe is looking to change that and he’s off to a good start by winning the Verizon #freestyle50 nationwide freestyle competition. Thanks to his win, he’ll now get a record deal with 300 Entertainment who has also signed artists such as Migos and Fetty Wap, meaning his voice is about to be heard throughout the country. 

While this is only its second year, the Verizon #freestyle50 challenge has proven to be a place for some of the best MCs in the world to come and show their talent and it looks like the contest will be exposing new talent for years to come.

You can check out a video from Y.K Supe below to get a little better picture of who he is.

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