[Premiere] ANGRY BLACKMEN- Smile (prod. Elijah)

[Premiere] ANGRY BLACKMEN- Smile (prod. Elijah)

ANGRY BLACKMEN- Smile (prod. Elijah)

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Finding a unique sound can be difficult or nearly impossible for most artists, but ANGRY BLACKMEN have done a good job of creating original, robust music that vibrates authenticity. They described their latest track, Smile, as “music for weird black kids who don’t fit in” and I think that speaks to the genuine nature of their sound. They’re not making music for the clout, they’re making it for their audience and themselves and there’s something refreshing about that. Smile is a great track that features an ambient instrumental, touching lyrics and a relatable message that hits home in a thought provoking manner. It’s a good example of the sound this duo is growing into and I’m looking forward to hearing more as they continue to expand their musical reach. Listen to Smile below.


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