Joey Purp: Essentials Playlist

Joey Purp: Essentials Playlist

Essentials Playlist


Our favorite songs from the Save Money MC

Joey-Purp-Essentials-WPIt’s often asked who the best MC out of Chicago is and every time we hear that question, Joey Purp is one of the first names to be mentioned. Purp has the unique ability to combine fun music with conscious, thought provoking writing while also having one of the best flows in the city. We had trouble cutting down his discography to our favorite few tracks, but the list we put together showcases Purp’s abilities. From content he dropped with Leather Corduroys to his most recent tape iiiDrops and some dope singles, this playlist has a little bit of everything. Listen to all 19 tracks below and see why Joey Purp is one of our favorite artists.


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