Windy City Sounds: Austin Fillmore

Windy City Sounds: Austin Fillmore

Windy City Sounds

Austin Fillmore:

Austin Fillmore Wants Listeners to Feel More


The music industry can be a tough place to navigate for upcoming artists, but Austin Fillmore is showing what digging deep and persevering can do. The R&B and hip hop inspired sound Fillmore delivers is catchy and urges listeners to get in tune with their emotions. We got to speak about some of his diverse influences and get in tune with the feelings he’s bringing to the table. Check out what he has to say about the industry, his music, and his upcoming plans below.


You’ve been putting in a lot of work lately and even dropped a single last week. Are you working on a project? If so, when can we expect that and what has it been like working on it?
Yea I dropped Overdose and I think a lot of people slept on it so far, but it will pick up here soon and yea I’m actually working on a huge project that I think I’m going to divide into two separate entities… this project has been very challenging and fun to work on. I’ve forced my self on this project to dig deeper into my heart and soul and pull out information that I didn’t even know was there… like every project I put my heart and soul into it but this project I discovered a piece of me that until now I didn’t know existed. The title of the entire project will probably be called Sorry in Advance but who knows I could change it. I’m shooting for a February release for the first half and an April or May release for the second half. I have my usual suspects on production, Hank Iving (@hankiving), NobilityIam, now going by Austen (@austeniam) and 12 Tones (@12tonesDa1) but I have also added some new cats that are mad dope Max Witt (@TheRealMaxWitt) and Brotha Giff (@brotha_gif) so I’m very excited about that. Both guys bring a different feel to my #FeelMore music and I’m lucky to have them in my corner and usually I don’t have many features on my tapes but I switched it up this time and got some real dope surprises for everyone!!! 

So definitely excited to release all of this and hear peoples reaction to it!

You’ve grown into a distinct sound that combines R&B, hip hop, and even a little rock. How did you get to this sound? Who are some of your biggest influences?
I think just over time and pulling from the past music that really influenced me at a young age. I was someone who honestly liked all kinds of music.  From System of a Down to Biggie to Darius Rucker, Lenny Kravitz, Wiz Khalifa , Kirk Franklin all that. The genre never was important to me, it was always about how the music itself made me feel…and that’s what I hope to give to people: music that makes them #FeelMore.

I never try to hide or shy away from expressing emotion. Sometimes on the track I’m screaming, sometimes I’m whispering or crying or being a disrespectful goon haha it’s all about how I feel at that moment and time… and those can change within the blink of an eye which makes it not only fun and exciting for me but for the listener as well.

What is one challenge you’ve faced in the industry since you started making music? What’s one success?
Getting respect… I don’t conform to the what’s hot right now so I feel like that makes it hard for the radio people and the trend followers to actually see the potential power that my music has and that’s okay… it actually drives me to work even harder to make myself into a brand rather than a what’s hot right now [kind of artist]. For a while shows where slim to come by but ever since I had the chance to perform at the House of Blues a lot has been opening up for me so I definitely consider that to be a success.

How did you first get into music?
Well I grew up in the church and my parents are big into music especially my mom… she sings and plays the piano so she was my first introduction to music. My dad is a pastor and, like any profession that requires you to be in front of people, you have to be entertaining and he embodies that word to the fullest so that’s where I got my charisma on stage from… but like most kids I thought I was gonna be in the NBA haha but life had other plans. I remember in 7th grade in the lunch cafeteria some of the guys would stand around free styling and I wanted to be apart of that so bad but I was terrible so they wouldn’t let me spit… so instead of going home and doing homework I would go home and write raps just to use them the next day haha. Then I’m college and I noticed that the best rappers per say would get the most attention at the house parties so it was in that environment that I developed my skills. I got locked up during my college days for selling drugs at the time and I remember being in my cell thinking when I get out I don’t want to be in school but what can I do to actually make an impact in my family’s lives and the lives of others. It was then that I chose to pursue my music career to the fullest and when I got out I did just that and well the rest is history.

What do you want people to take away from your art?
A lot of the music we listen to today is empty and lost like driving in a new state with no GPS, no money, and no gas. You aren’t going any where. I want my listeners to know that it’s okay to feel again and to be encouraged to explore every emotion they come across. I want them to feel my purpose and drive and hope that it inspires them to find their purpose and drive. My goal is to make people #FeelMore.

Anything else you want to add?
I really appreciate the love and the support 4th Shore Hip Hop has shown me. It’s the blogs like you that really keep the up and coming artists alive and I really appreciate that and hope we can grow together. Definitely if you want to ever check me out at and add me on a Spotify and/or Pandora playlist.

I want to Thank My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the many blessings that he has given me and I want to thank my family and friends who help make my dreams possible!

God bless and continue to #FeelMore

Don’t sleep on Austin Fillmore as he gets set to drop what is sounding like a very solid project full of catchy production and hooks. Follow him @austin_fillmore to stay on top of his music.


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