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Joseph Chilliams- POWERPUFF

Joseph Chilliams- POWERPUFF Joseph Chilliams never disappoints. POWERPUFF is another gem from the Pivot Gang member and it throws us back to those after school ….

LUCKI – Watch My Back

The songs that came out in the leadup to Watch My Back lend the project its backbone, from the grimey xan-inspired “Komfortable” produced by 6 below, to Lucki’s personal favorite “No Wok”, a window into his lean habit with production from Plu2o Nash and Mayhem Meech. The other singles, “Leave Wit You”, “FUCK EVERYBODY”, “OPTIONS”, and “NEW TO ME”, are some of the stronger songs on the project, although there are plenty of non-singles that pack similar punches.

Matt Whise- Starfox (Video)

Matt Whise always puts his all into his work and Starfox is no different. The song itself is classic Whise, complete with solid verses and top quality production from Jvst X. The video is just as dope as the song, taking inspiration from the N64 game Starfox and featuring Whise rocking out during some hype performances.